Version: 4.1 / january 11 2023
  • new tested and compatible with PHP 8.3
  • new added License settings panel for license activation
  • edit few changes to the plugin settings organization
  • edit various small improvements to the plugin interface
  • edit many small changes and cleanup to the PHP code
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.6
  • fix several minor layout and styling issues on some panels
  • fix few small issues with passing arguments in GETBack object
Version: 4.0 / september 25 2023
  • new use website database size to change estimate method
  • new sweeper: remove unhooked CRON jobs only
  • new sweeper: buddypress activity meta entries
  • new sweeper: buddypress groups meta entries
  • new sweeper: buddypress messages meta entries
  • new sweeper: buddypress notifications meta entries
  • new option to control method for the sweeper estimation
  • new option to have estimates include the index size
  • edit many updates and tweaks to the sweeper panels
  • edit core updates related to the new shared library
  • edit changes to the way action scheduler queries are run
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.2
  • fix potential problem with action scheduler queries
Version: 3.9 / august 11 2023
  • new settings panel for performance-related options
  • new estimate options to run estimates with size or without size estimation
  • new cache estimates to avoid running estimates query too often
  • new database dashboard box showing overall statistics for the database
  • new tools panel for purge of the cache estimation results
  • edit many improvements to the code style and formatting
Version: 3.8 / june 17 2023
  • new cron: panel expanded with the Action column
  • new database: support for some more plugins for tables detection
  • new action executed when the sweeping process has completed
  • new action executed when the CRON hook is executed manually
  • new action executed when the CRON hook is deleted
  • edit database: improved detection of the WordPress core tables
  • edit cron: improved styling for the panel
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.2
  • fix database: detecting WordPress core tables can include wrong tables
  • fix few issues with input has not been properly sanitized
Version: 3.7 / may 15 2023
  • new sweeper: actionscheduler log entries
  • new sweeper: actionscheduler log orphaned entries
  • new sweeper: actionscheduler failed actions
  • new sweeper: actionscheduler completed actions
  • new sweeper: actionscheduler canceled actions
  • new dashboard shows count of sweepers that are currently disabled
  • edit improved loading process for the sweepers
  • edit improved database panel actions processing
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.1.1
  • fix few wrong icons used for the plugin interface
Version: 3.6 / march 28 2023
  • new sweeper: draft posts revisions
  • new sweeper: postmeta `_wp_old_*` data records
  • new constant and filter to disable DB optimize/repair sweepers
  • new enhanced preparation of quick and auto sweepers on dashboard
  • edit various tweaks to the sweeping estimations
  • edit expanded information for the Auto Sweep block
  • edit expanded information for the Quick Sweep block
  • edit link knowledge base for some settings groups
  • edit link knowledge base for some plugin panels
  • edit changes to some plugin settings default values
  • edit changes to the availability for some sweepers
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.0
  • fix wrong calculations for the post revisions sweeper
Version: 3.5 / march 10 2023
  • new sweeper: multisite wp_signups table
  • new CLI subcommand: list all the registered CRON jobs
  • edit few more improvements in calculating estimates size
  • edit expanded content displayed in WordPress Help panel
  • edit CLI subcommands: improved information returned
  • edit CLI command: now with main description included
  • fix REST API results: shows HTML tags for size estimate
  • fix REST API endpoints: additional information for arguments
  • fix CLI command list: shows HTML tags for size estimate column
  • fix CLI subcommands: few problems with the help information
  • fix CLI results: few issues with labels and formatting
Version: 3.3 / march 3 2023
  • new support for sweeping data from gravityforms plugin
  • new sweeper: gravityforms trash forms removal
  • new sweeper: gravityforms trash entries removal
  • new sweeper: gravityforms spam entries removal
  • new options to control days to keep for gravityforms entries
  • new file to log all the sweeps and related database queries
  • new sweepers on sweep and job panels have new toggle to list affected tables
  • edit improved data size estimate calculation for NULL values
  • edit several optimizations to the main JavaScript file
  • edit various styling improvements and tweaks
  • edit improved CSS and JS minification process
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.9.3
  • fix statistics logging puts Sweep panel results under Quick
  • fix statistics panel filter is throwing fatal error on load
  • fix comments by status sweeper not taking comment type into account
  • fix changelog link from the what’s new about panel not working
Version: 3.1 / feburary 3 2023
  • new tested with WordPress 6.1
  • new tested with PHP 8.1 and 8.2
  • edit all grid panels improved with new library base class
  • edit various small styling updates and improvements
  • edit important updates to the main Database class
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.9.1
  • fix missing input sanitation for the CRON panel
Version: 3.0 / october 31 2022
  • new database control: optimize, repair and database tables overview
  • new database control: detect tables belonging to some plugins
  • new database control: detailed help information included
  • new database control: truncate and drop actions for tables
  • new sweeper: repair broken database tables
  • new alternative methods for the database tables optimization
  • new run analyze method after the database tables optimization
  • new each sweeper includes plugin version when it was added
  • edit updated information for some of the sweepers
  • edit database status code with better views exclusion process
Version: 2.0 / june 6 2022
  • new sweeper monitor – daily and weekly with notifications
  • edit improved statistics panel collected data display
  • edit improved the CRON object loading process
  • edit expanded list of default CRON jobs for WordPress
  • fix few issues with the CRON jobs detection
  • fix potential division by zero issue with the size calculations
  • fix problem with the uppercase database table names
Version: 1.4 / may 18 2022
  • edit improved layout for the plugin dashboard
  • edit d4pLib 3.8
  • fix responsive layout issue with auto sweep box
Version: 1.3.1 / april 7 2022
  • fix plugin version issue clash with Lite edition
Version: 1.3 / april 2 2022
  • new panel with a list of all sweepers and where they can be used
  • edit updated information in the Help areas for various panels
Version: 1.2 / march 15 2022
  • new show list of affected tables more prominently inside the help area
  • new show percentage of the data to be removed compared to the size of the affected table
  • edit many improvements to the sweepers core classes
  • edit moved CRON object initialization to improve tracking
  • edit improved query for calculation of tables to optimize
  • edit calculation of tables to optimize takes index into account
  • edit expanded help information for some of the sweepers
  • edit expanded information for some plugin settings
  • edit several minor styling and layout tweaks and improvements
  • edit d4pLib 3.7.4
  • removed a few unused and obsolete functions and methods
  • fix minor issue with database fragmentation calculation
Version: 1.1 / march 8 2022
  • new sweeper: akismet meta records removal
  • fix minor issue with the translations format
Version: 1.0 / march 3 2022
  • new first version

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