Core Features:

WordPress Editor Integration

The plugin provides tools for easy integration into WordPress TinyMCE editor so you can add web fonts, fonts sizes, and formats for easier styling of the text.


Integration Settings

You can enable integration features you want to use through plugin settings panel for Integration. The plugin adds 3 drop-down selection boxes into the second row of editor toolbar and supports TinyMCE versions included with WordPress since version 3.6.


Font Family and Font Size

The plugin adds font size drop down, and font family drop-down. Size drop down has predefined list of font sizes. Font Family has a list of web fonts you want to use, and you can add these fonts on the Fonts Include plugins panel and mark them for editor use.


Formats Drop Down

From plugins Selector Rules panel you can create new CSS selectors (block or inline) styles to apply to any text in the editor. These styles will be listed in the formats drop down menu. You can make format with simple fonts only, or apply complex shadows, box model and anything else.

Each format is single CSS class that can be applied to any HTML tag (SPAN and DIV by default for inline and block).