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Adobe Typekit Fonts

Since version 2.0, the plugin supports using kits from Adobe Typekit Fonts service. The plugin can work with both free and premium Typekit accounts. Free Typekit account allows for one kit with 2 font families. To connect plugin to your Typekit account, you need API Token from Typekit, and you need one published kit on Typekit to start.


Once you enable Typekit support and enter valid API token, plugin will add new panel where you can view all your Typekit Kits and choose the kit you want to use on your website (when you create kit on Typekit you must provide domain name where you plan to use the kit, this has to match your website domain).


Anytime you make changes to your kit on Typekit website, you need to publish the changes. If you don’t make these changes too often, you can set plugin update period to 7 or more days. If you make changes often, you have a button to reload fonts on the Typekit panel. Avoid making changes to kits after you start using them, or you might end up with broken styling if you use one font, and later replaced that font in the kit.

As with Google Fonts, Typekit supports the use of WebFont loader. Only one kit can be loaded this way. Typekit allows using more than one kit on a single website, but they don’t recommend that.

Typekit Panel
Typekit Panel