Enhance topics with Prefixes

Add a prefix to any topic to better classify it and make it stand in the list of topics. Prefixes can be used to filter topics inside forums.

Assign prefixes to group

Edit the list of prefixes

The plugin registers new taxonomies for prefixes and prefix groups, and each prefix is a term. You can add one or more prefixes, and assign a colour to each one. And, you can create one or more groups and assign prefixes into each group.

When you create a group, you can change the prefixes order, assign group to forums (each forum can have one group), change the way prefixes are displayed (colour presentation and layout), and the way the prefixes can be assigned to the individual topics, including use of replies to assign prefix to the parent topic.

Prefixes in forums

Prefixes are displayed for each topic (that has a prefix), and they can be displayed in the topics list in forums, views or search results. Prefixes can serve as filters to show the list of topics filtered by the selected prefix inside the forum or globally for all topics regardless of the forum.

Topics list with prefixes