Version: 3.0 – Odin / march 8 2021
  • newmost of the plugin rewritten for multiple groups per forum
  • newprefix group: option for visibility
  • newprefix group: option for location
  • newprefix group: option for priority
  • newprefix group: options for form display location
  • newprefix: option to set title for the prefix
  • newprefix style: button with border
  • newadmin prefixes page: now allows sorting by different columns
  • newadmin prefixes page: action to view the topics by prefix on frontend
  • newadmin groups page: now allows sorting by different columns
  • newadmin forums grid: filter forums by prefix groups
  • newprefix and group: allow using HTML for labels
  • newglobal settings: add prefixes in single topic notice
  • newwidget and shortcode: filter forums by prefix groups
  • newwidget and shortcode: option to display prefixes by group
  • newwidget for filtering topics by prefixes selection
  • newwidgets include Shortcode tab showing shortcode version of the widget format
  • editadmin forum edit: selected multiple prefix groups via metabox
  • editadmin topic edit: selected prefix for each assigned group via metabox
  • editimproved display of groups and prefixes in the plugin dashboard
  • editform display location in the plugin settings now considered global
  • editrewritten support for editing in GD Forum Manager plugin
  • editimprovements to the bulk editing in GD Forum Manager plugin now using cache
  • editimprovements to the plugin settings panels organization
  • editvarious improvements to the plugin core code style
  • editvarious improvements to the plugin default CSS styles
  • editupdated plugin icon for WordPress main menu
  • editd4pLib 3.4.1
  • removedseveral settings that are no longer used or moved to group
  • deprecatedfew old functions to be removed in 3.5 version
  • fixpotential problem with class generating demo data
  • fixseveral issues with some of the plugin shortcodes rendering
  • fixgroup and prefix delete actions not working
  • fixselection for prefix default not selected in some rare cases
  • fixminor issue with the layout of the prefix group editor
Version: 2.2.1 / december 29 2020
  • editd4pLib 3.3.1
  • fixproblem with the pagination for the prefix archive
  • fixfew issues with the rendering of the prefixes widget
Version: 2.2 / november 12 2020
  • editrefactored and updated to WordPress coding style
  • editrequires bbPress 2.6.2 or newer
  • editremoved support for bbPress 2.5
  • editd4pLib 3.3
  • fixfew minor issues caused by the shared library changes
Version: 2.1 / august 14 2020
  • newtested with jQuery 3.5
  • editfew plugin dashboard updates and improvements
  • editd4pLib 3.2
Version: 2.0 – Thor / june 22 2020
  • newplugin fully rewritten using namespacing and autoloading
  • newoption display prefixes selection using radio buttoms
  • newdashboard with various groups and prefixes stats information
  • newwidget has option to include some prefixes only
  • editmany improvements to the form prefixes layout block
  • editvarious styling improvements to the prefixes rendering
  • editvarious updates and improvements to the admin interface
  • editd4pLib 3.1.2
  • removedseveral obsolete method and functions
  • removedvarious form elements for widgets
  • fixvarious styling issues with the prefixes
  • fixvarious small issues in the plugin core
  • fixvarious issue with the plugin widget
Version: 1.7.1 / april 17 2020
  • newadd body classes for the topic prefix archive page
  • newadd body classes for the forum filtered topic prefix page
Version: 1.7 – Vidar / march 13 2020
  • newtested with PHP 7.4
  • editd4pLib 2.8.5
  • removedobsolte wrapper function for the get_terms()
  • fixwidget running obsolete and duplicated results processing
  • fixshortcode and widget ignoring the exclude prefixes list
  • fixshortcode and widget forum based list ignores some settings
  • fixminor issue with with the PHP 7.4 deprecations
Version: 1.6 – Honir / november 21 2019
  • newtopics list cache for topics connection to prefixes
  • newtopics list cache for forums connection to groups
  • newfrontend JS and CSS moved to templates directory
  • newcore query class merged with the core bbpress class
  • editupdated method for generating taxonomies labels
  • editexpanded the list of taxonomies labels
  • editvarious improvements to prefixes styling
  • editd4pLib 2.8.2
Version: 1.5 – Saga / september 3 2019
  • newmodify bbPress topic tag check function for proper result
  • newsupport for generating proper HTML page titles
  • newimporvements for the Forum based prefix filtering
  • newsome of the core query based functions are fully rewritten
  • newproper support for bbPress templates pagination system
  • newtranslation: es_ES – Español / Spanish
  • newtranslation: fr_FR – Français / French
  • newtranslation: it_IT – Italiano / Italian
  • newtranslation: nl_NL – Nederlands / Dutch
  • newtranslation: pl_PL – Polski / Polish
  • newtranslation: pt_PT – Português / Portuguese
  • newtranslation: ru_RU – Русский / Russian
  • editvarious important core improvements
  • editimprovements to various actions and filters
  • editupdated JavaScript and CSS minification
  • editmany improvements to the plugin JavaScript files
  • editvarious minor styling improvements and tweaks
  • editd4pLib 2.7.7
  • delremoved obsolete and unused query variable
  • fixforum filtering for prefix generates invalid pagination
  • fixprefix detection in query broken in some cases
  • fixprefix retrieval from the main query broken in some cases
Version: 1.4 / february 21 2019
  • newobject with methods to render prefixes lists
  • newshortcode to render prefixes list, just like the widget does
  • newusing SCSS as a basis for the front end styling
  • editvarious minor styling improvements and tweaks
  • editd4pLib 2.5.5
  • fixshortcode rendering group cloud resetting bbPress queries
Version: 1.3.5 / september 13 2018
  • newnotice about the GD Power Search of bbPress plugin
  • editd4pLib 2.4
Version: 1.3.4 / january 24 2018
  • fixmissing function to flush rewrite rules
Version: 1.3.3 / january 16 2018
  • editd4pLib 2.2.4
  • fixxss vulnerability: query string panel was not sanitized
  • fixxss vulnerability: panel variable for some pages was not verified
  • fixseveral small layout issues on the admin side
Version: 1.3.2 / august 4 2017
  • editskip prefix assignment in topic form outside the forum
  • editd4pLib 2.0.5
Version: 1.3.1 / june 19 2017
  • editvarious minor styling improvements
  • editd4pLib 2.0.2
Version: 1.3 – Baldur / april 25 2017
  • newaccessibility: full admin side support
  • newaccessibility: full frontend support
  • newtool for installing demo list of prefixes and group
  • newtitle attribute set for the front end prefix buttons
  • newset topic form prefix selection location and priority
  • newset reply form prefix selection location and priority
  • editvarious improvements to the prefix rendering
  • editimprovements to the core topic prefix class
  • editupdated information for some plugin settings
  • editdeactivate plugin if bbPress is missing
  • editremove some empty and unused files
  • editd4pLib 1.9.3
  • fixminor issue when saving group with no forums available
  • fixabout panel included link to non existant page
Version: 1.2 – Sif / march 22 2017
  • newadmin prefixes list: count is link to filter topics by prefix
  • newadmin topics list: dropdown to filter topics by prefix
  • newadmin topics list: click on the prefix name to filter topics
  • newprefix group edit: option to set default to no prefix
  • newforum filter by prefix: hide subforums list
  • newforum filter by prefix: hide forum description
  • newforum filter by prefix: hide sticky topics
  • newwidget: filter prefixes from current forum only
  • newwidget: additional options for prefixes ordering
  • newactions fired when prefix is assigned or removed from topic
  • editadmin side: improved plugin update notice and panel
  • editprefix group: default style for new groups is now ‘button’
  • editprefix group edit: various panel improvements
  • fixwidget: list based prefixes display ignores order settings
Version: 1.1.1 / march 17 2017
  • editd4pLib 1.9.1
  • fixproblem with get_terms function in WordPress 4.4
  • fixwidget uses wrong get_terms call arguments
Version: 1.1 – Tyr / march 1 2017
  • newoption to change topic prefix from reply
  • newgroup permissions to change topic prefix from reply
  • newforum filtered by prefix shows notice about the prefix
  • newbbpress breadcrumbs: topic prefix archive
  • newbbpress breadcrumbs: topic prefix forum filter
  • newinternal function to count number topics using a prefix
  • editprefix group default style set to inverted button
  • editprefix group edit panel improved for better usability
  • edittopic prefix column on admin side move to end to avoid small screen issues
  • fixsmall problem with the JavaScript initialization
  • fixsaving topic was missing data validation
  • fixgroup permissions for visitors not saving
Version: 1.0.1 / february 22 2017
  • editattempt to clear rewrite rules on plugin install
  • editimproved descriptions for some of the plugin settings
  • fixminor problem with the prefix group initialization
  • fixwrong label for the prefix group saving button
Version: 1.0 – Heimdall / february 21 2017
  • newfirst version

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