Version: 1.1.1 / march 17 2017

  • edit d4pLib 1.9.1
  • fix problem with get_terms function in WordPress 4.4
  • fix widget uses wrong get_terms call arguments

Version: 1.1 – Tyr / march 1 2017

  • new option to change topic prefix from reply
  • new group permissions to change topic prefix from reply
  • new forum filtered by prefix shows notice about the prefix
  • new bbpress breadcrumbs: topic prefix archive
  • new bbpress breadcrumbs: topic prefix forum filter
  • new internal function to count number topics using a prefix
  • edit prefix group default style set to inverted button
  • edit prefix group edit panel improved for better usability
  • edit topic prefix column on admin side move to end to avoid small screen issues
  • fix small problem with the JavaScript initialization
  • fix saving topic was missing data validation
  • fix group permissions for visitors not saving

Version: 1.0.1 / february 22 2017

  • edit attempt to clear rewrite rules on plugin install
  • edit improved descriptions for some of the plugin settings
  • fix minor problem with the prefix group initialization
  • fix wrong label for the prefix group saving button

Version: 1.0 – Heimdall / february 21 2017

  • new first version