GD Topic Prefix for bbPress

Categorize topics in bbPress powered forums with prefixes

Implements topic prefixes system, with support for styling customization, forum specific prefix groups with use of user roles, default prefixes, filtering of topics by prefix and more.

Latest Plugin Release
Version: 4.0
Date: 2024.06.11
Plugin First Released
7 years, 3 months ago
Basic Requirements
PHP: 7.3
WordPress: 5.5
WordPress Multisite
Individual network websites

Prefixes for topics in forums

Easy to use a plugin for adding prefixes for topics in bbPress powered forums, with a wide range of options to control prefix groups, prefix styling and filtering topics by prefix.

Prefixes for topics

You can assign one prefix group to each forum, and prefixes from the group can be used for marking topics belonging to a forum assigned to the group.

Visible in all topics lists

Prefixes are visible in all topics lists: forum topics, topic views, filtered list for individual user-profiles, and any other place showing topics.

Prefixes Widget

Show prefixes in a cloud or as a list with easy to use widget allowing you to control display style and each prefix links to the topics filter archive.

Multiple Prefixes

You can assign multiple prefix groups to each forum, allowing you to select multiple prefixes for each topic, based on the forum it belongs too.

Wide range of Settings

Most of the settings are prefix groups based, so you can fine tune how the prefixes are displayed or used, how the user roles are applied.

Widget to Filter topics

Select prefixes belonging to one or more prefix groups, and filter topics having all selected prefixes. Works as global or forum-based.

Quick Start

A short overview of how the plugin works

Prefixes and Groups Setup

  • Create one or more prefixes and assign them different colors.
  • Create one or more prefix groups and assign prefixes to each group.
  • If you want to use more than one group for every forum, it is highly recommended to have each group contain unique prefixes.
  • Assign groups to forums, or select forums for each group.
  • Configure where how prefixes are displayed, and how they are selected.

Working with Topics

  • To assign prefixes to topic, use the new dropdown/checkbox controls for each topic group, depending on the forum topic belongs to.
  • Prefixes for topic can be set via reply form too, allowing user to change prefixes when posting the reply, without the need to edit topic.
  • Use one of the provided widgets to list all prefixes, use the widget to filter all the topics globally or in forum based on selected prefixes.

Plugin Video Preview

Check out the short video on how to start with the plugin quickly.

bbPress Integration

The plugin includes additional features for better integration with bbPress, including topic/reply forms and template for prefix filtered topics

Topic/Reply form

Assign prefix from related group to any topic through the topic create or edit form or from submitting reply to the topic. Prefix can be auto assigned.

Assign groups to forums

For each forum, you can assign one of more prefix groups and it is best to not use same prefixes inside different prefix groups.

Filter topics by prefix

The new template is added for listing topics with the prefix assigned. This way, you can show topics with a specific prefix, globally or inside the single forum.

Prefixes Administration

On the admin side, the plugin includes panels for managing prefix groups, prefixes, display settings and more.

Prefixes management

There are two panels for managing prefix groups and for prefixes. Panels should various information, including colors for prefixes and group settings.

Assing prefixes to Group

Group editor features prefixes assignment tool that uses drag and drop to arrange prefixes, with option to add more prefixes and set default one.

Group Settings

Group editor features many more options: setting display method for prefixes, limiting access to user roles, assigning groups to forums, and more.

Quick Features Overview

Here is the quick overview of all plugin features

  • Taxonomy for prefix groups
  • Taxonomy for topic prefixes
  • Multiple prefixes in a group
  • Multiple groups per forum
  • Allowing multiple prefixes per topic
  • Prefixes management panel
  • Prefix groups management panel
  • Set colors for each prefix
  • Control display for a group
  • Control user roles access
  • Set default prefix for each group
  • Roles based controls for groups
  • Assign prefix automatically
  • Filter topics by prefix
  • Assign prefix from the topic form
  • Change prefix through reply form
  • Display prefixes in the topics list
  • Widget to list prefixes
  • The widget supports different rendering
  • Widget to filter topics by prefixes
  • Functions and filters for developers

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Categorize topics in bbPress powered forums with prefixes

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