Expand topics with easy to use polls

Add a poll to any topic in the forum with a wide range of features available to control the poll content and behaviour.

Poll Editor

The core of the plugin is the editor for adding and modifying the polls attached to topics. Each topic can have one poll, and the poll is added as a part of the topic creation/editing form. The poll editor allows you to add a question, optional description and list of responses (with controls to change the order of responses).

And, for each poll, you have a lot of other settings to control how the poll is behaving. This includes a number of allowed responses when the results are shown when the poll will be closed and few other things too, based on the global plugin settings.

Poll voting form

Poll voting and results

The poll form will be presented depending on the poll rules (there is an option to control who can vote), or (again, based on poll settings) poll results. The poll voting form will show (and limit number of) choices the user can select (based on poll settings).

The results are presented to include a list of users that voted for each choice (optional), using colour-coded bar chart with additional information, and optional links to change the vote (if allowed by the poll settings).

Polls and votes management

On the admin side, the plugin allows you detailed management for all available polls, with the overview of the poll responses and settings. To edit the poll, the plugin will open edit form on the front end.

The votes panel shows filtered votes and you can filter votes using poll ID, the user ID or response ID. Votes list shows users with selected answers and you can also delete any of the votes.

Polls management