GD Topic Polls Pro contains many additional features compared to Free (Lite) plugin version. This is the overview of features you can get only with Pro version.

Poll Features

  • Widget to show list of polls with forums filtering
  • Auto close the poll: when selected date is reached
  • Auto close the poll: when number of voters is reached
  • Require users to respond to topic before answering poll
  • Option to allow users to remove and change their vote
  • Display list of voters in the poll results
  • Settings to control default values of some poll options
  • Settings to control display of voters list in the poll results

bbPress Integration

  • Topics View: to show all topics with polls
  • Topics View: to show logged in user started topics with polls

Other Features

  • Integration with BuddyPress activity stream

If you decide to upgrade from Lite to Pro version, all the existing polls will be intact, including all the votes and plugin settings. To upgrade, purchase the Pro version license here.

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