Core Features:

Navigator Controls

Besides options to control individual buttons, you have many settings for the Navigator as a whole. All these are on the plugin Settings page.


Navigator Trigger

Navigator can be triggered by scrolling down the page, or it can be always active. If the scroll is the trigger, you can set length from top of the page in pixels as a trigger.


Navigator Position

Navigator can be placed in any of the four corners of the screen. And, you can specify offset from the side of the browser to place navigator at. Depending on the position, buttons will be arranged.


Navigator Display

Navigator can be displayed using some basic transitions: Fade and Scale. Or you can set to None for no display transition. And, you can specify time delay between buttons display sequence.


Advanced Settings

Some extra settings are on this panel, and usually they are not needed: zIndex (if other elements of the page overlap the Navigator), and extra CSS class for the Navigator wrapper on the page.