Core Features:

Navigator Buttons

Navigator allows you to use as many buttons as you want. Main button is called Swift button, and it has only one purpose: click on it to show all other actionable buttons. Buttons can be added in the center (top or bottom) or on the side (left or right) of the main Swift button.


Swift Button Styling

You can change style for the Swift button: colors (and on hover colors) for text and background, size of the button and radius (if you want to have circle or ellipsis button), font size for the icon and line height (to better position the icon).


Drag’n’Drop to rearrange buttons

Plugin allows you to arrange location for buttons (center or side). You can do it through individual button settings, or if you prefer, with easy to use drag’n’drop on the Navigator panel where you can see all buttons currently in the navigator.


Use of Fontawesome Font icons for button icons

Plugin supports any font icons set, but it has direct and built in support for Fontawesome and includes icon selector block to pick the icon you want to use.


Action Button Styling

As with Swift button, you can customize every action too. One important extra option is Axis Offset specifying button offset from the Swift button axis (or middle) for additional button positioning.


Button Display Control

And, each action button can be displayed to some user roles. You can select who can see every individual button: includes all user roles with addition of super admin role and visitor (user that is not logged in.