Core Features:

Button Actions

Each button has to have an action assigned. The plugin supports 6 actions currently, with more to be added in the future.

The image on the left shows current button actions, and depending on the action you select, you will get additional options for the button underneath. Popup based actions will also have options for styling and positioning the popup.

Scroll to the top has one option: time needed for the scroll to reach the top of the page. For custom URL you need to specify URL for the button to go to, and for website home page you have no additional settings.


Popup with Menu

If you select popup with menu action, you need to select Menu designed with WordPress Appearances -> Menus. All available menus will be listed. No matter how the menu looks, the plugin will use only first level menu items and it will apply some basic styling.


Popup Styling

The popup can be styled very similar to the buttons. This means that you can set background and text color, size for the popup (height can be 0 for auto height), radius, padding, and offset from the Swift button. Extra CSS class can be specified too if you need to apply more styling to the popup.