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Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph is very useful to have on your website if you are sharing posts from your website on Facebook, or when other people do that. GD SEO Toolbox Pro includes several Open Graph related features you can have on your website, with just a few minutes of setup:

Facebook Open Graph Settings
Facebook Open Graph Settings
  • Facebook Insights: connect website with your account or Facebook APP to get statistical data from your website in Insights. You can connect one or more Facebook accounts.
  • Alternative website name: if you want to use different website name then the name set in WordPress settings.
  • Publisher Facebook Account add URL of your Facebook account and the plugin will add that as open graph tag.
  • Change default page type: choose between several types of pages, with option to override the value for each individual post, page, term or user archive
  • Fallback information: if your posts are missing title, content or image, you can have fallback data for the plugin to use.
Facebook Share Preview
Facebook Share Preview

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are very nice looking representation of your website posts and pages that can enhance user experience when they see posts from your website on Twitter. Twitter Cards can be displayed inside the timeline, or when you open a tweet. With GD SEO Toolbox Pro you can easily configure how the Twitter Cards will look, and to control content displayed on the card for each page of your website.

Twitter Card Preview
Twitter Card Preview

You can select between two types of Twitter Cards (one with the large image, as on the image on the right), and you can add your Twitter username to connect your posts to your Twitter account.

Since every card needs to have a title, description, and image, it is important to provide fallback data for the plugin to use in the case where there is no sufficient data available.

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