Built-in Addons:


Hardening .htaccess file to improve website security is a very important step when running WordPress on Apache based server. Plugin features a wide range of features you can use to harden .htaccess.

Main .HTACCESS Panel
Main .HTACCESS Panel

Here is the list of all .htaccess tweaks included so far:

Basic Rules

  • Apache version selection
  • Default 403 error page
  • Prevent directory browsing
  • Disable server signature display
  • Add header X-Content-Type-Options
  • Add header X-Frame-Options
  • Add header X-XSS-Protection
  • Add header Strict-Transport-Security
  • Remove header – X-Powered-By
  • Prevent File Access
  • Ban IP’s – manual and from log
  • Protect against Humans.txt query string scans

Advanced Rules

  • Disable XML-RPC file
  • Disable wp-trackback.php file
  • Stop comments with Invalid Referer
  • Prevent POST requests over HTTP 1.0
  • Stop common files scans

6G Firewall Rules

  • Filter Query Strings
  • Filter Bad Referrers
  • Filter Request Strings
  • Filter Request Strings
  • Disable unused request methods