GD Security Toolbox

Security Scanners

GD Security Toolbox Pro includes 4 online scanners and 2 internal scanners. These scanners can be used to scan your website for malicious scripts, check for blacklist or malicious activity. All Scanners are accessed through a dedicated Scanners menu entry.

SSL Scanner
SSL Scanner

Online Scanners

  • Sucuri Scanner is a free scanner that can check websites against the blacklist databases and scan included files (JavaScript) for malicious code. VirusTotal Scanner is similar to Sucuri Scanner, but it checks against the much longer list of blacklist websites.
  • Project Honeypot Scanner checks IP against the honeypot database to check if the IP was registered for sending spam or other malicious activity.
  • Qualy SSL Test Scanner is used to test your website for the status of SSL connection, your SSL certificate, and server configuration for SSL. If you don’t use SSL, this test is not for you. The image below shows the example of SSL scanner test results.
  • Virus Total Scanner is another free scanner that will run series of checks against popular online virus scanners and will give you an overview of the gathered results.

Internal Scanners

  • Page Headers Scanner can get all HTTP headers and perform basic analysis.
  • DNS Records Scanner will retrieve all the available DNS records for your website domains.

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