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Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets Settings
Rich Snippets Settings

The plugin will generate rich snippet based on Schema.org specification used by Google to get ratings for search engine results. The plugin can use different rating methods (Like and Emote This can’t be used since they don’t have negatives to measure) to generate aggregated or review rating for post and pages. Works with Dynamic Load addon too.

You can set the addon on the post type basis, and you can also configure it for individual posts too through metabox for ratings.

The plugin can generate microdata and JSON-LD versions of the rich snippets markup. For reviews, the plugin can add extra elements for reviewed items and more things added with Stars Review rating method metabox.

For controlling of the Rich Snippets plugin includes a wide range of settings to control elements to be included in the generated snippet: author, publisher, publish and modify date and more.

Notice: Plugin implements rich snippets using Schema.org and Google specification. Some other search engines might implement rich snippets, and the plugin will support them if they fully implement Schema.org specifications. Search engine Yandex is not supported by the plugin, because its implementation is flawed, and it is not Schema.org valid.