Rating for anything in WordPress

GD Rating System brings multiple rating methods, support for rating anything you might need, with addons based architecture and huge list of features.

Addons Architecture

One of the greatest strengths of GD Rating System plugin is the addons architecture driving the plugin core and all the future development, making it easier to better optimize the plugin and add many new and exciting features to further enhance the rating in WordPress.

The plugin has 20+ addons built into the plugin core, with more plugins available as additional downloads, some free some premium. Even the rating methods (stars, sliders, thumbs…) are loaded as addons for even greater flexibility.

Rating Methods

The Pro plugin version includes 5 rating and 2 review methods based on stars, slider, thumbs, likes and emotions, and even more rating methods are added through the premium Multi Ratings Addon. You can disable rating methods you don’t need.

To learn more about all the rating methods, you can start with this article:

Widgets, Shortcodes and more

To integrate the plugin into WordPress and to make it easier to visually add various plugin elements, the plugin has 10+ widgets and 25+ shortcodes that have a lot of settings and attributes you can modify and control for great flexibility when it comes to adding rating block, displaying ratings lists and more.

Furthermore, if that is not enough, the plugin has support for a lot of other customization methods from filters/actions support, templates customization and override and functions for deeper integration into themes or plugins.

Settings, Tools and Transfer

The plugin includes a wide range of settings, support for settings rules, and it features many useful transfer and maintenance tools.


The main settings panel has a lot of global settings alongside the addons and rating methods settings for the security, cache, debugging and more.

Data Transfer

And, if you used some other rating plugin before, you can easily transfer data to GD Rating System from GD Star Rating, WP PostRatings, YASR or KK Star Ratings.

Other Tools

Very useful Tools panel includes specialized tools to recheck the plugin setup, recalculate rating data, export/import settings, reset the plugin and more.

Lite vs Pro

The plugin comes in two versions: Lite/Free and Pro. There are a lot of things exclusive to pro version only.

Pro plugin has over 20+ addons built-in, while the Free version has only 6. Pro version has 5 rating method and 2 review methods, while Free has only Stars Rating method. Pro version can use additional addons, Free can’t. And much more differences, and you can check everything here: