GD Rating System

Working with Settings Rules

To make plugin setup more flexible, global settings for rating methods and some addons are not enough. For the sake of flexibility and giving users more power to configure plugin through the settings, the plugin has a special panel for configuring settings rules based on different criteria.

The main goal of using rules is to be able, for instance, to change settings for Stars Rating (or other methods) when used with posts or pages, or other post types or other item types. So, in theory, you can change the look of stars from one post type to another, or even have 5 stars rating for one post type and 10 stars for other post types. When plugin loads settings, it loads global settings first, and then, based on the active rules, it loads the rule settings if available and uses it instead of the global settings.

The panel has the basic box to add a new rule and the list of all available rules under. List of rules has buttons to enable or disable rule, delete the rule and edit it. For each rule, you also see rule ID and the description of rule including item type and object type and relation.

Panel for settings rules
Panel for settings rules

When you create new settings rule (Override Settings button), you will get exactly the same settings as the object type has on the global level, with additional settings box where you can enable the rule. In some cases, rule settings can differ from global settings, and some objects can have more global settings when compared to rule settings.

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