GD Rating System

Widgets and Shortcodes

For easy integration into WordPress, the plugin provides many widgets and shortcodes.


There are a lot of widgets included, with each rating method having two widgets. You can display active rating blocks in the sidebar. Each rating method has own rating block widget. You can use default styling, or you can configure styling for the widget, set the rating item to rate and more.

Single rating block as a widget

To display rating results lists, the plugin includes rating lists widgets for each rating method. You can control styling for the rating elements (depending on the rating method), filtering of data for display and more.

Content tab for the stars rating widget

All widgets share the same interface, with the most differences coming to the display tab depending on the rating method and difference between single rating and a rating list.


The plugin has a total of 27 shortcodes. It has 3 shortcodes for each rating method:

  • Rating List
  • Rating Item
  • The current Rating Item (for single posts/pages/custom)
Example of rating list shortcode

And, there are two more shortcodes to display value for any rating item:

  • Rating Value
  • The current Item rating value

And, finally, there are 4 shortcodes to wrap the content you want to hide from users that didn’t vote for the post or show the content to users that did vote.

  • Has Voted
  • Has Voted for the current item
  • Has Not Voted
  • Has Not Voted for the current item

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