GD Rating System

Themes integration and customizations

One of the greatest powers the plugin has is the scope of the customization and integration it allows for rating blocks and other elements. Almost everything the plugin renders can be modified and the plugin includes a lot of filters and actions to hook into and make modifications to settings and displayed elements.

All main elements plugin renders have one or more templates variations. So, Stars Rating method has templates for a single rating block and rating list, and all methods follow the same approach. But, to make things more flexible, each method has multiple templates for blocks and lists, and these templates can include different layouts and elements. Templates have standardized structure and use plugin objects to get the data. You can use HTML to get the structure you want, and plugin even includes easy to use grid CSS library that you can use to create grid structure inside the template, as the plugin does with some template types.

Template Example Code
Template Example Code

And, to override every template or to even add new templates, the plugin supports templates storages that you can register, and it automatically adds theme (and child theme) to registered storages. So, you need to copy the template you want to modify from plugin templates folder into active theme (or child theme) folder, and the plugin will load the template from there.

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