GD Rating System

Rating with Emotions

There are many ways to setup the rating for your website. Stars, thumbs or likes are standard for most rating needs, but rating using reactions or emotions is gaining in popularity, allowing your users to express what they feel about your articles or other content.

GD Rating System makes it easy to implement reactions or emotions based ratings using the Emote This rating method.

Default Emote This rating

Here is the example of the default Emote This rating block:

By default, it has 6 emotions displayed. But, the great thing about GD Rating System Pro, is that you create additional series (or sets) of emotions you can use for your rating blocks.

Custom emotion series

To create new emotions rating set, you need to start from the Emote Series menu. To create new series, click on the New Series button. Once you do that, you will get a new panel where you can set up your emotions series. Each series needs name and label, and you need to set up all emotions you want to use. You can add 2 or more emotions to the list, and use drag and drop to rearrange them.

Emotions editor
Emotions editor

Emotions icons

Once you finish creating new emotions series, you need to select images to use for each emotion. Plugin comes with 2 icons sets, and you can add more (example set is available for download, and you can use that as a starting point to create new sets). You need to assign icons for each set you plan to use.

Assign icons to emotions
Assign icons to emotions

Using the Emote This

Once you have all this set up, using Emote This rating method is just as easy as with all other rating methods. Selection dialogs will show all emotions series independently (each one behaves as a separate rating method), you can use them in functions, it has own shortcodes, own widgets and more.

Finally, there are several styling themes to choose from for the display or rating icons, and using custom styling you can style the rating block in different ways.

Emote set with buttons theme
Emote set with buttons theme

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