GD Rating System Rating Methods

GD Rating System Pro has 7 rating methods built into the plugin core, with 4 more methods available through premium Multi Rating Addon. This article will list all the methods available in the main plugin, and will also go through settings that rating methods have.

List of the rating methods

Stars Rating


This is classic stars based rating, allowing you to use 1 or more stars. You can set the voting resolution (half star, quarter star…), limit number of votes users can set or use re-vote allowing them to change the vote. Display for rating block is based on HTML/PHP templates. And for stars, you can use one of 10 included icons from the font, or one of included images. And, you can set a custom size. Stars rating block is fully responsive.

Stars Rating method is the only method available in the plugin Free edition, all other methods are available in Pro edition.

Slider Rating

Slider rating method uses plain HTML slider control that has been restyled and improved to show additional elements that will make the slider voting easier. For the slider restyling plugin uses jQuery based in-house developed solution, and it supports hiding various elements of the expanded slider markup.

Thumbs Rating


Thumbs Rating sets up the simple rating method with two buttons: thumb up and thumbs down. The plugin allows the use of text, font icons or images for thumbs. Text can be customized (default is thumbs up/down). Font icons set contains 4 sets of icons. And it includes one image set. Display of thumbs can be controlled with style themes (CSS styles). You can set a custom size for text, icons or images.

Like This


Like This is a simple and very popular rating method with only one choice: Like. You can set it up to allow a user to remove Like, but the overall score will always be positive. Display of Like button can be done with font icons or image. There are different template and themes to display the rating block (including nice looking animated button that will expand on hover).

Emote This


Rating method using emotions to rate the article or other rating items. The plugin includes two images sets for emotions, with more coming in the future, and you can add your own sets with a custom plugin. As with other rating methods, you can customize image sets with your images.

The plugin has one basic emotions series (6 elements), but you can add your own series with 2 or more elements. For each series, you can assign images from all available image sets. Each series is considered as independent rating method, you can’t mix results from different series.

Emote This Series List
Editor for the Emote This series

List of the review methods

Stars Review


Based on Stars Rating method, but with no public voting option. Rating is set by post author from the post edit page. You can set a rating along with review subject and short review description that can be used in rating block. Display and styling are almost the same as with the Stars Rating Method.

Slider Review

This method is based on the Slider Rating, but with no public voting option, just like the Stars Review method.

Rating Method Settings

Different rating and review methods have different settings, but a lot of settings are shared among all methods. The settings are presented according to groups of settings appearing on the panel for individual methods.

  • Rating:
    This is used by rating methods, allowing you to set a number of stars and voting resolution (for stars rating) and slider range and step (for slider rating), vote limitation, quick revote and option to disable rating by default.
  • Review:
    This is used by review methods, allowing to set a number of stars (for stars review) or slider range and step (for slider review).
  • Users allowed to vote:
    Used to limit who can vote using the rating method, listing author, visitor/guest, super admin and all available roles.
  • Style / Colors / Extra / Labels:
    Several panels used for basic block styling, template selection, various other settings, colours and more. These groups of settings depending on the rating method.

The important thing to know is that for each method you can limit votes, limit who can vote, and configure the look and style for the rating block.

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