Plugin core settings

Even with the addons architecture for most of the plugin features, there are a lot of settings that are very important for plugin functioning properly, and they are part of the main settings panel, alongside methods and addons.

Core Settings Groups
Core Settings Groups

Here is the short overview of all individual core settings groups and settings they include.

  • Extensions
    Main group of settings for controlling active addons and methods.
  • Global
    Basic settings for control over AJAX, anonymous voting validation, votes log, rating calculation and FontAwesome support.
  • Administration
    Control for metabox integration for post types, settings for logs and tools.
  • Security
    With options for throttle and nonce protections, and storing IP’s as hashes and not actual IP’s.

To get more information about the security in the GD Rating System Pro, check out the dedicated article.

And, here are the other core plugin settings:

  • Cache
    The plugin uses cache for various performance improvements, and here you can control many cache aspects.
  • Advanced
    Controls loading of JS and CSS plugin needs and additional filters for settings rules.
  • Debug
    Helps with debugging the plugin issues on server and clientside.
  • Widgets
    With settings that allow you to disable any of the widgets you don’t need.
  • Maintenance
    With settings to disable voting on the whole website for any reason you might need.