GD Rating System

Lite vs. Pro

GD Rating System Pro contains many additional features compared to Free plugin version. This is the overview of features you can get only with the Pro version.

Plugin Core

  • Additional Free and Pro addons
    Pro plugin has a lot of built-in addons, but it also has access to many more free and pro addons that can’t be installed in the free version of the plugin

Rating Methods

  • Stars Review
    a single rating assigned by post author with theƂ additional subject and a short description.
  • Thumbs Rating
    thumbs up and thumbs down ratings.
  • Emote This (plugin version 1.4)
    ratings with multiple choice icon smilies.
  • Slider Rating (plugin version 3.0)
    use slider scale for ratings.
  • Slider Review (plugin version 3.0)
    combination of slider rating and stars review.


  • WP Rest API Support
    read-only endpoints for getting rating items ratings and filtering list of ratings.
  • Shortcake UI Support
    visual editing for the shortcodes provided using Shortcake UI Shortcodes support.
  • bbPress Integration (plugin version 1.1)
    simple integration with the bbPress forum topics and replies for all rating methods.
  • BuddyPress Integration (plugin version 2.0)
    simple integration with the BuddyPress plugin for activity stream and groups.
  • BuddyPress Activity (plugin version 3.5)
    register each recorded vote as BuddyPress activity.
  • BuddyPress Notifications (plugin version 3.5)
    add each recorded vote into BuddyPress notifications for rated item author.
  • Dummy Data
    for posts without ratings, this addon will display predefined dummy ratings.
  • Tooltip (plugin version 2.0)
    The JavaScript powered tooltip for displaying rating elements inside the tooltip.
  • Admin Enhancer
    additional features to improve the admin side of the plugin and quick access to the plugin.
  • Editor
    edit individual votes and ratings from ratings and votes log panels.
  • Votes IP GEO Location
    show GEO location for IP’s in the vote log including flags and who is information.
  • Bayesian Calculation (plugin version 1.1)
    additional weighted method to calculate ratings for Stars Rating method.
  • Client Detection (plugin version 1.3)
    detect bots, type of device, operating system, client type and version.


  • 4 extra image sets for Stars Rating
    includes crystal, Christmas star, snowflake and heart images.
  • FontAwesome icons (plugin version 1.3)
    Use all FontAwesome icons for stars
  • Photoshop source files for all image sets
    image sets allowing you to generate own images with a different colour or other changes.
  • Additional display templates
    extra templates with a different way to display rating blocks and lists.
  • Additional widgets
    extra widgets for adding active rating block and more.
  • Additional shortcodes
    there are many useful shortcodes not available in free version.

Admin Features

  • Database Status Tools
    simple tool showing status for all 4 database tables used by the plugin.

More Resources

  • Demo Plugins
    plugin examples for adding new image sets and font icons for use in the plugin.
  • Demo Themes
    themes with integration examples based on the default WordPress themes.

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