GD Rating System

Features as built-in Addons

GD Rating System Pro includes 20+ addons that are built into the plugin. The addons architecture is a very powerful method for making the plugin loading highly optimized because you can disable addons you don’t use. Even all rating methods are loaded as addons, allowing you to disable methods you don’t use.

There are some addons that have their own dedicated articles you can check out first:

And, here is the list of all other available addons in version 3.8, with short descriptions and some screenshots included.

  • Admin Enhancer:
    is a simple addon for adding rating plugin menu into WordPress toolbar, and one widget for the WordPress dashboard with the latest ratings.
  • Bayesian Rating:
    implements bayesian rating calculation for Stars Rating and Slider Rating methods. Bayesian is alternative to average rating, using the automatic weighted calculation of rating.
  • Rating Editor:
    is a simple addon that allows the administrator to modify votes from the administration side votes log.
Vote editing dialog
Vote editing dialogue
  • Client Detection:
    is based on the Device Detection library, it can get information about the client device and browser from the user agent string, detect BOT’s and show detailed information inside the votes log.
  • Comments Integration:
    for automatically adding ratings into the comments with a simple configuration for zero coding integration.
Comments embed settings
Comments embed settings
  • Dummy Data:
    is a very interesting addon that can display dummy rating for the items that have no votes or only a few votes. Once the item reaches a preset number of real votes, dummy data will no longer modify rating for that item. Dummy data modifies the value for display purposes only, it doesn’t affect the database.
  • Dynamic Load:
    is a must-have addon for any website that uses cache plugins. Dynamic Load will get rating blocks through AJAX to avoid rating blocks being cached.
  • Feeds:
  • is easy to use an addon that will replace full rating blocks with static text ratings when displayed inside the various feed type sources that can’t execute CSS and JS.
  • GEO Location:
    is an addon that can use logged IP’s to determine voter location and other information. This addon can work only if you log real IP’s into the database log.
GEO Location Example
GEO Location Example
  • Instant Email Notifications:
    will send emails about individual votes to the administrator and a selected list of emails. You can customize the email content and subject.
  • Posts Integration:
    for automatically adding ratings into posts for all post types with various integration settings and zero coding required.
  • Shortcake UI:
    is an addon for integration into Shortcake Shortcodes UI plugin. With this plugin, all rating plugin shortcodes will be available for visual editing.
Shortcake: Select Shortcode
Shortcake: Select Shortcode
  • Sync Meta:
    addon automatically syncs the most important rating data elements from the rating database tables into posts metatables to make querying easier without going to merge with the plugin rating tables.
  • Tooltip:
    is a wrapper addon for the jQuery-based tooltip solution that can be used to display various elements of rating blocks as tooltips.
    is an addon for adding new endpoints into WP REST API to get the rating data for rating items.

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