GD Rating System

bbPress and BuddyPress related addons

GD Rating System Pro has several addons for integration with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins. This includes integration for the rating methods, use of the features available in these plugins and few more things.


This addon is made for easy integration into bbPress topics and replies. You can select a rating method to use and position for rating block. And, to sort post topics by ratings, the plugin adds two topic views – ordering topics by the average rating.

bbPress embed ratings
Auto embed settings for Topics and Replies


There are 3 addons for BuddyPress integration. The main addon registers a new entity for BuddyPress and 2 rating types: Activity and Group. And, it can automatically add rating blocks for each activity, allowing the user to rating individual activities and groups. But, the plugin can automatically embed rating into activities only, for groups, you need to modify BuddyPress template for the group and use integration function to display rating block where you want it.

BuddyPress Activity addon will create new activity entry whenever a new vote is placed by the user. And, the BuddyPress Notifications addon will add notifications to rated item owner when the vote is placed for the item, and to list of users specified by ID.

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