Full Theme Package Replacement

GD Quantum Theme Pro contains a new theme package to replace bbPress Default one. Just activate the plugin, and change the active package, and it is done, your forums are loaded using new theme.

Fully Responsive

bbPress Default theme package is not made to be responsive, and many of its elements don’t show correctly on small screens. Some themes fix that, but it is never perfect.

GD Quantum Theme Pro is designed as mobile-first responsive and it uses Flexbox to properly create all the layout elements, from the forums/topics lists to a single topic and user profile pages.

The plugin styling includes several breakpoints to manage resizing of various elements. And, plugin relies mostly on CSS for responsiveness, with only some minor things achieved using JavaScript.

Different pages from small screens

With 3 Distinct Themes

The Quantum plugin includes 3 distinct themes that can be used to display the forums. Each theme has 4 basic colours and options to changes some basic typography (font-size and line-height), and each theme has several additional colours and other settings to customize the way it looks even more.

And, each of the colour themes supports all other bbPress premium plugins available from Dev4Press, with special styling for various plugin elements. All the plugins that use extra templates (and almost all of them do that), can load Quantum specific templates and Quantum ready stylesheets.

Customizer Support

All the plugin settings are available in the WordPress Customizer, under the ‘bbPress Quantum’. Because of that, the plugin has no admin side settings to work with, everything is in the customizer.

All options are split into 3 panels: Style, Settings and Tweaks. From Styl,e panel you can select the current colour scheme. Settings and Tweaks panels contain various options to control individual forum elements and features.

Customizer Tweaks Panel

GD Quantum Theme with popular Lovecraft theme

Supports (almost) all WP themes

Just like the bbPress Default Theme package, Quantum theme works with any WordPress theme. And, for some themes, it might require some minor styling tweaks because it is not possible to account of every theme styling that can be aggressive in styling some basic HTML tags.

Also, GD Quantum Theme Pro has additional CSS styles targeting some popular WordPress themes to fix some of the themes quirks. To help with that, plugin applies theme stylesheet and template names to the BODY tag for all the bbPress related pages.

bbPress Theme Packages

bbPress Theme Package contains all the template parts bbPress needs to render the forums content: forums, topics, views, user profile…

To display all the forum pages, bbPress uses template parts that are part of the Theme Package. bbPress includes Default Theme Package, but it allows other plugins to register new theme packages.

GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress registers Theme Package that completely replaces bbPress Default Theme Package: own set of templates parts, own CSS and own JavaScript with additional backend PHP code. Some of the template parts, some JavaScript and PHP code is based on the bbPress Default package.

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