Version: 2.7.1 / june 21 2021

  • edit order of some elements on the search results pages
  • edit various styling tweaks for the search results pages
  • fix some styling issues with default bbPress widgets

Version: 2.7 / june 19 2021

  • new reorganized and improved core code using new shared library
  • new detect plugin conflicts and disable Quantum if conflicts found
  • new plugin dashboard message about the plugin conflicts status
  • new purple color style for all 3 color schemes
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.5.2
  • fix incomplete template for search topic loop result

Version: 2.6 / may 30 2020

  • edit changed code loading and settings registration order
  • edit various PHP related updates and tweaks
  • edit updates to the custom CSS generator implementation
  • edit minor updates to the plugin loading process
  • edit scssphp library 1.5.2
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.4.1
  • fix customizer changes not working while in customizer mode
  • fix approve action missing for replies and topics
  • fix wrong name for the custom CSS transient key

Version: 2.5.2 / february 15 2021

  • edit scssphp library 1.4.1
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.4
  • fix minor issue generating reply actions dropdown

Version: 2.5.1 / december 29 2020

  • edit few minor tweaks in the closed topic styling
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.3.1

Version: 2.5 / november 23 2020

  • new fully rewritten theme scripts and style loading
  • new register all scripts and style during init
  • new try to load scripts and style only when needed
  • new customizer option for forcing scripts loading
  • new customizer section for advanced settings
  • edit improved the customizer settings organization
  • edit improved SCSSPHP build process initialization
  • fix some scripts not loaded with shortcodes embedding
  • fix some typos with the front end messages
  • fix deprecation notice for SCSSPHP builder library

Version: 2.4 / november 12 2020

  • new customizer option to make user favorites private
  • new customizer option to load embedded or normal font icons CSS
  • new own threaded replies rendering function and walker
  • new icons CSS has embedded version containing WOFF and WOFF2 fonts
  • edit refactored and updated to WordPress coding style
  • edit increased margin for the threaded replies
  • edit compatibility updates to many of the templates
  • edit updated frontend bbPress JavaScript libraries
  • edit requires bbPress 2.6.2 or newer
  • edit removed support for bbPress 2.5
  • edit Smart Animated Popup 2.0
  • edit scssphp library 1.4
  • edit Dev4Press Library 3.3
  • fix few sizing problems with topic and reply forms as popups
  • fix various issues with the threaded replies support
  • fix few minor issues caused by the shared library changes
  • fix some typos with the front end messages

Version: 2.3 / august 14 2020

  • new tested with jQuery 3.5
  • new load Smart Animated Popup from shared library
  • edit few improvements to the plugin JavaScript
  • edit Smart Animated Popup 1.8
  • edit d4pLib 3.2
  • del removed Smart Animated Popup from template

Version: 2.2 / june 22 2020

  • new support for spam, trash and pending topics styling
  • new topics archive page shows the description notice
  • new filters to exclude actions from the action dropdown menu
  • new support for GD Forum Manager plugin
  • edit improved organization of colors in the customizer
  • edit few more tweaks to the way the closed topic is displayed
  • edit various styling improvements and enhancements
  • edit scssphp library 1.1.1
  • edit d4pLib 3.1.2
  • fix closed topic styling was not properly applied
  • fix small issue with the radio control styling

Version: 2.1.3 / may 26 2020

  • edit d4pLib 3.1
  • fix topics loop list missing bbp-topic-title class

Version: 2.1.2 / April 22 2020

  • edit few minor cosmetic updates
  • edit d4pLib 3.0.1

Version: 2.1.1 / March 20 2020

  • fix missing the form for anonymous posting user information
  • fix small regression with the forum links in the topics views
  • fix wrong name for one of the loop templates
  • fix minor issues with some translation strings

Version: 2.1 / March 17 2020

  • new support for sticky and super sticky topics styling
  • new customizer options for sticky and super sticky topics
  • new completed transition to the new shared library code base
  • new custom style building supports RTL direction
  • edit clear the custom styles transient cache on plugin update
  • edit d4pLib 3.0
  • fix various issues with the CSS compilation and minification

Version: 2.0.1 / November 21 2019

  • fix more than 20 typos and other text formatting issues
  • fix translations are not loading

Version: 2.0 / November 18 2019

  • new support for multiple visual styling themes
  • new style theme: classic gray – good old grid styling
  • new style theme: light gray – minimalistic styling
  • new plugin reorganized to use PHP namespaces
  • new plugin icon made from scratch
  • new getting started panel with button to activate/deactivate Quantum
  • new plugin deactivation hook to auto deactivate Quantum theme
  • new rewritten large parts of the base SCSS
  • new customizer option for the additional CSS
  • new unified forum and topics action banners layout and styling
  • new build your own color scheme using customizer
  • new control basics of the typograhy through customizer
  • new customizer color scheme builder includes over 20 additional elements
  • new build the scheme CSS from base SCSS file processed by PHP
  • new cache the color scheme CSS as transient for performance
  • new option too clear all the previously cached stylesheets
  • new font with icons expanded and rebuild using FontAwesome 5 icons
  • new additional styling for GD Topic Polls Pro plugin
  • new additional styling for GD Members Directory Pro plugin
  • new styling tweaks for the TwentySeventeen theme
  • new translation: da_DK – Dansk / Danish
  • new translation: es_AR – Español de Argentina / Spanish Argentina
  • new includes scssphp library to complie SCSS in code
  • edit improved styling for the topic/reply popup
  • edit improved loading of the customizer manager
  • edit many improvements to the customizer settings organization
  • edit several improvements to the responsive styling
  • edit d4pLib 2.9.0
  • fix few problems with the missing functions in bbPress 2.5.x
  • fix problem with the ID’s for the reply in topic
  • fix images in content not responsive with some WordPress themes
  • fix few styling issues with the form elements
  • fix few minor issues with the basic SCSS code
  • fix several minor colour inconsistencies
  • fix missing translation strings for various templates

Version: 1.6 / October 26 2019

  • new theme style: gray with the black
  • new more styling for the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro specific elements
  • new additional SCSS file with third party plugins related styling
  • edit improved styling for the secondary button class
  • edit improved some of the default templates
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.1
  • fix notices styling missing if outside the forums ID wrapper
  • fix report form from GD bbPress Toolbox Pro not working
  • fix layout issue with the topic search result template
  • fix few issue with the responsive topics list styling
  • fix few minor styling issues with buttons

Version: 1.5.1 / October 4 2019

  • new full compatibility with the GeneratePress theme
  • edit various improvements to the topic/reply popup
  • edit few updates to the z-index settings for several elements
  • fix few minor styling issues with avatars in some themes
  • fix problem with loading of the popup CSS style file
  • fix search box styling issues with various themes

Version: 1.5 / October 2 2019

  • new theme style: gray with the blue
  • new support, styling changes and tweaks for Genesis framework
  • new full compatibility with the Divi theme
  • new tested with many more free and premium themes
  • new show new topic as a popup inside single forum pages
  • new show new reply as a popup inside single topic pages
  • new when using popup form it can show the new topic/reply button
  • new topic page can have actions block and new reply button
  • new customizer panel: show/hide topic actions block
  • new customizer panel: show/hide topic new reply action
  • new customizer panel: popup related panel and tweaks
  • new button for new reply added in the topic header row
  • new few more styling overrides for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin
  • edit customizer panel: improved organization of the customizer tweaks
  • edit improved frontend javascript loading and files version scope
  • edit various styling updates and changes
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.9
  • fix problem with the wrong scripts enqueue for bbPress 2.6
  • fix engagements actions using AJAX not working
  • fix minor issues with the form buttons styling
  • fix minor issues with the topic/reply avatar styling
  • fix various minor styling issues

Version: 1.4 / September 16 2019

  • new styling overrides for MediaElements controls
  • new styling for the screen reader hidden content
  • edit various styling updates and changes
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.8
  • fix few minor styling issues with some default themes
  • fix options menu dropdown appears under some elements
  • fix loop replies template missing top action
  • fix tinymce editor button icons sizes too small

Version: 1.3 / September 8 2019

  • new full RTL support
  • new styling for topic/reply revisions block
  • new translation: es_ES – Español / Spanish
  • new translation: it_IT – Italiano / Italian
  • new translation: nl_NL – Nederlands / Dutch
  • new translation: pl_PL – Polski / Polish
  • new translation: pt_PT – Português / Portuguese
  • new translation: pt_BR – Português / Portuguese – Brazil
  • edit various styling updates and changes
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.7
  • fix few small issues with the Options drop down

Version: 1.2 / April 9 2019

  • new customizer panel: user profile settings
  • new customizer panel: show/hide user registration information
  • new attempt to add special CSS class to widgets
  • new styling tested with many more popular themes
  • edit imporvements to the default styling for some tags
  • edit removed width/height in CSS for the avatars
  • edit added some extra styling for TinyMCE editor
  • fix styling problems with the TinyMCE editor
  • fix various small styling issues
  • fix minor issues with theme specific styling tweaks

Version: 1.1 / March 10 2019

  • new customizer tweak: new topic button for forums
  • new special styling tweaks for various themes
  • new styling for the default editor toolbar
  • new improve responsive display for last columns
  • new translation: fr_FR [Français – French]
  • edit various styling updates and changes
  • edit few minor tweaks to the elements layouts
  • fix various styling issues

Version: 1.0 / March 7 2019

  • new first official version