GD Quantum Theme for bbPress

Support for other Dev4Press plugins

GD Members Directory Pro support for Quantum
GD Members Directory Pro support for Quantum

GD Quantum Themes Pro for bbPress fully supports all other Dev4Press plugins for bbPress.

  • GD bbPress Toolbox Pro
    Toolbox plugin contains additional templates made for Quantum theme, with some extra styling, and Quantum includes tweaks file for the Toolbox plugin.
  • GD Members Directory Pro
    Directory plugin includes templates and elements made for Quantum theme, and Quantum includes styling overrides so that the directory page can take proper styling depending on the Quantum customizations.
  • GD Topic Prefix Pro
    Prefix plugin works with any theme, and it has no issues with Quantum theme.
  • GD Topic Polls Pro
    Like other plugins, Topic Polls includes additional Quantum specific plugins, and Quantum includes styling overrides for polls.
  • GD Power Search Pro
    Power Search plugin includes additional templates and changed styling to match the look of the Quantum based forms.

And, Quantum and individual plugins will be updated when needed to further polish some styling elements, improve the look and customization for various added elements.

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