GD Quantum Theme for bbPress Quantum and WordPress Themes

GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress replaces the default bbPress templates and styling with the new and improved set of templates made for better responsive layout, easier customization, enhancements that can be controlled via settings in Customizer and a better overall design for the bbPress powered forums.

In general, GD Quantum Theme Pro works with most WordPress themes without any styling or templates changes. That means you can simply enable the GD Quantum Theme Pro plugin, set up the bbPress to use it, and your forums will change the way they look, and you don’t need to make any changes. But, there are so many themes out there, and there is no way to know for sure how each theme will work.

From time to time, this article will be updated with more compatibility information.

Quantum with the Divi theme
Quantum with the Divi theme

There are several levels of the WordPress theme support with GD Quantum Theme Pro, depending on the changes that might be needed.

Themes that work as is

Most themes belong in this category. For some popular themes, Quantum already includes styling tweaks and fixes targeting specific themes to make sure it will work as expected. From time to time, Quantum is tested with various themes to see if it works fine or if some changes are needed. If the changes are small, tweaks and fixes are included with the plugin. The plugin can target specific themes with fixes, so it doesn’t break other themes. To mention some of the popular themes that work as-is:

  • All WordPress Twenty Themes
  • All Themify Themes
  • All StudioPress Genesis Themes
  • ElegantThemes Divi
  • Brainstorm Force Astra
  • Automattic StoreFront
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWP

Themes that might need some changes

In some cases, themes include bbPress specific styling and templates. But, the problem with that is that Quantum is quite different from bbPress default theme, and to maintain wide compatibility, Quantum uses templates with same names, similar structure, similar CSS class names and id’s. And, if the WordPress theme supports bbPress default theme, these styles and templates that theme might have will cause problems with Quantum, because they are not made for Quantum.

So, in such cases, you will need to remove templates for bbPress added by the theme, remove (or modify) styling that comes with the theme related to bbPress. Even without that, Quantum will look OK, but not 100%. Themes that belong in this group include most Themeisle themes (they add bbPress support to all their themes, free or pro).

Themes that are hard to fix or modify

And, finally, there are themes that are very hard to modify or adjust to working with Quantum.

Ultra popular theme ‘Avada’ is particularly problematic because it adds a lot of CSS files for bbPress that can’t be disabled in most cases without making direct changes to the main theme. Avada doesn’t provide a way for plugins to modify files Avada loads, and without making changes directly to it, we were not able to make Quantum work with Avada.

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