GD Quantum Theme for bbPress

Quantum and third-party bbPress plugins

GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress maintains the bbPress templates actions and filters, so any plugin depending on these actions and filters will continue to work. But, some third-party bbPress plugins will not work with the Quantum theme for various reasons:

  • Popular free bbPress plugin ‘BBP Style Pack’ can’t work with the Quantum theme, because ‘Style Pack’ plugin was made to customize the styling of the default bbPress templates and styling, and it can’t be used with Quantum theme. Quantum theme has its own ways for styling and customizing and there is no need for the plugin like ‘Style Pack’.
  • Other plugins that are made to change the look and feel of the forums can’t work with the Quantum theme, just like with the Style Pack plugin.
  • Plugins that depend on the default bbPress templates, or are hardcoded to work with the default templates only, can’t work with the Quantum theme.
  • The plugins that add more templates for their features always have these templates modeled after the bbPress default templates, and there is high possibility that these templates will look bad with the Quantum theme because of the styling and layout they have.

We can add support for some third-party plugins that fail to work with the Quantum theme in some cases:

  • The third-party plugin is not made to modify the forums look and feel.
  • The third-party plugin is not depending on the bbPress default templates and it doesn’t feature any hardcoded elements.
  • The third-party plugin is regularly maintained and up to the with the support for the WordPress and bbPress.
  • If the third-party plugin adds own templates, there is a way to change the template it loads using filters (templates are not hardcoded).

Let us know if you need support for specific third-party plugins for bbPress, and if the plugins can be adjusted, we can see what is the best way to do that.

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