GD Quantum Theme for bbPress

Customize Quantum with Customizer

To make the customizations for Quantum theme easier, the plugin uses WordPress Customizer. And, 100% of all Quantum theme settings are inside the Customizer, there are no admin side settings available! The image below shows all the panels currently available for the Quantum theme customization.

Quantum Theme - Customizer Panels
Quantum Theme – Customizer Panels

As you can see, there are several panels with settings included.

  • Style
    This panel controls the style or colour scheme for the theme.
  • Settings
    This panel contains settings not strictly connected to one of the content types in bbPress.
  • User Profile
    This panel contains settings related to user profile pages.
Customizer: Forums related settings
Customizer: Forums related settings
  • Forums
    This panel contains settings related to forum pages. Currently, it has the option to change the last column in the forums grid, and several tweaks for various forum-related features.
  • Topics
    This panel contains settings related to single topic pages. Right now it has options for actions block activation, new reply as popup and lead topic on top.
Customizer: Topics related settings
Customizer: Topics related settings
  • More Tweaks
    The panel contains few more tweaks that don’t fit in any other panel
  • Popups
    If you use a popup for the topic and reply forms, this panel has some extra popup related settings.

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