GD Press Tools

System Requirements

WordPress Requirements

the stated version number is minimal version required for the plugin to work

  • WordPress: 4.9
ClassicPress Requirements

the stated version number is minimal version required for the plugin to work

  • ClassicPress: 1.0
Server Requirements

the stated version numbers are minimal versions required for the plugin to work

  • PHP: 5.6
  • MySQL: 5.1
  • PHP Extension: zlib
  • PHP Extension: curl
Special Requirements

this plugin has some additional requirements that are important for proper plugin functioning

  • PHP Memory: Your server must allow allocating at least 50% more PHP memory than it is used normally. If your normal PHP memory allocation is set to 48MB, the server needs to allow 72MB to be allocated. The plugin allows you to set memory to use for backup. Even for large websites, backup adds maybe 20-25% on top of normal memory use, so it should work in 99% of the cases. Some shared hosting servers have a very low limit for PHP memory, and it is possible that backup will not work with less than 48MB to use.
  • Location: Plugin must be able to write into standard WordPress uploads folder to store backups.
Backup Related Notices

there are a few things you need to know about the Backup

  • The plugin uses ZIP to create a backup archive. Archive file size is limited to your server, and if you have 32bit server, this will be 2GB. If your website is larger than 2GB and you have 32bit server, you will not be able to create a backup with this plugin. If you are not sure about this, contact your hosting company to check the maximum size for an individual file on your server.
  • Uploading of large files to Amazon, Dropbox or FTP in some cases can fail silently due to a problem with the underlying CURL library in PHP. CURL doesn’t throw exceptions, and if it fails you will not be able to know what was the problem at all. And, the plugin can’t handle this in any way.

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