Built-in Addons:


Tweaks addon contains 70 tweaks in plugin version 5.2. All tweaks are split into groups, and you can filter out tweaks based on the group. All tweaks are listed here:


  • Disable dashboard widgets
  • Add columns to Sites panel
  • Add columns to Users panel


  • Disable WordPress update notice
  • Disable automatic updates
  • Control WordPress automatic updates
  • WordPress core auto update control
  • Change email for update notifications
  • Control updates notifications emails


  • Disable capital P filters
  • Authentication cookie expiration
  • Disable user profile contact methods
  • Add user profile contact methods
  • Disable login form Shake
  • New site default theme
  • Remove color scheme changer
  • Default color scheme for new users

HTTP Request

  • HTTP Request User Agent
  • HTTP Request Redirection Count
  • HTTP Request Timeout
  • HTTP Request reject unsafe URL’s
  • HTTP Request Version


  • Hide WP version from admin footer
  • Disable browser upgrade nag
  • Disable file editing
  • Disable dashboard widgets
  • Disable dashboard Welcome widget
  • Add columns to Users panel
  • Add ID column on Taxonomies panels
  • Add ID column on Post Types panels
  • Add Order column on Post Types panels
  • Add thumb column on Post Types panels
  • Add columns to Comments panel


  • Disable admin Adminbar items
  • Disable frontend Adminbar items
  • Admin Bar front end visibility


  • Remove gallery shortcode inline style
  • Change JPEG compression quality
  • Replace image caption code

Page Header

  • Remove Short Link
  • Remove Feed links
  • Remove extra Feed links
  • Remove adjacent posts links
  • Remove canonical link
  • Remove RSD Link
  • Remove WLW Manifest Link
  • Remove l10 JavaScript file
  • Remove WordPress Version
  • Prevent Skype from marking phones
  • Remove Open Sans font


  • Redirect single result search
  • Disable all RSS feeds
  • Disable self pings
  • Change default editor type


  • Shortcodes in widgets
  • Disable default widgets


  • Disable comments auto links
  • Remove website field from comment form

Rewrite Rules

  • Change author archive URL slug
  • Change search results URL slug


  • Posts revisions control
  • Change Empty Trash days period
  • Disable auto trash deletion
  • Disable auto draft deletion
  • Change posts autosave interval
  • Disable posts autosave
  • Enable excerpt for Pages
  • Allow using drafts for parents
  • Remove ‘hentry’ class
  • Change excerpt length
Part of the Tweaks Panel
Part of the Tweaks Panel