Built-in Addons:


To remove unused, orphaned or broken data plugin includes set of tools for database cleanup. These tools are split into various categories and all are available from Cleanup panel. If a tool can be used, theĀ plugin will display detailed information about the cleanup, estimated size of data to remove and activation option.

Here is the listĀ of cleanup tools currently available:

  • Auto Draft Posts Records
  • Published Posts Revisions Records
  • Transient Records
  • Expired Transient Records
  • RSS Feeds Cache
  • Orphaned Commentmeta Records
  • Trashed Comments Records
  • Spammed Comments Records
  • Unapproved Comments Records
  • Orphaned Comments Records
  • Orphaned Postmeta Records
  • oEmbed Postmeta Records
  • Trashed Posts Records
  • Spam Posts Records
  • Orphaned Posts Revisions Records
  • Orphaned Terms Records
  • Orphaned Terms Relationships Records
  • Orphaned Termmeta Records
  • Trashed GravityForms Records
  • Spammed GravityForms Records
  • Database Overhead
Part of the Cleanup Panel
Part of the Cleanup Panel