Version: 6.1.2 / september 11 2020

  • new backup addon: restore script compatible with new PHP 7.x versions
  • edit backup addon: restore script includes expanded information
  • fix backup addon: restore script using outdated additional libraries
  • fix backup addon: full backup missing some task data inside the archive
  • fix backup addon: restore script download not working
  • fix backup addon: restore script several issues with the internal method calls
  • fix backup addon: restore script problem removing temporary directory

Version: 6.1.1 / september 5 2020

  • edit debugger addon: improved styling for wordpress environment notice
  • edit debugger addon: improved styling for footer debug information
  • fix debugger addon: positioning of the footer debug information

Version: 6.1 – Siren / august 29 2020

  • new backup addon: exclude ‘cache’ directory from full files backup
  • new debugger addon: Content tab shows registered additional image sizes
  • new debugger addon: show the environment status in the debugger
  • new debugger addon: more WP constants included on the Constants tab
  • new debugger addon: debugger footer expanded with more information
  • new events log: specify cutoff length for logging huge events data
  • edit backup addon: improved organization of backup settings panel
  • edit debugger addon: improvements to the Contstants tab organization
  • edit events log: control how big the meta data set is loaded
  • edit debugger addon: wrap tracker code in try/catch to avoid serialization issues
  • edit updated font version in the font CSS file
  • fix debugger addon: fatal error with some error elements that can’t be serialized
  • fix events log: loading of log can fail if events contain huge meta data

Version: 6.0 – Leviathan / july 20 2020

  • new plugin dashboard: rewritten and now using widgets like form
  • new plugin dashboard: system information widget
  • new plugin dashboard: events log overview widget
  • new plugin dashboard: backup overview widget
  • new backup addon: included ‘only files’ backup types
  • new backup addon: included ‘regex filter’ backup type
  • new backup addon: expanded task interface controls
  • new backup addon: expanded validation of the task on save
  • new debugger addon: support for AJAX debug via response headers
  • new debugger addon: AJAX debug headers include basic information
  • new debugger addon: AJAX panel captures AJAX requests information
  • new debugger addon: filter queries by caller function/method
  • new debugger addon: show filtered queries statistics
  • new debugger addon: activation button shows ajax counts badge
  • new debugger addon: activation button shows error counts badge
  • new database addon: column showing free space for table
  • new database addon: filter tables for optimization only
  • new database addon: mark table for optimization only if eligible
  • new database addon: color rows for optimization or repair
  • new database addon: added context help with important information
  • new information addon: basic wordpress information panel
  • new information addon: attempt to detect variant of MySQL server
  • new google analytics addon: check for GA loading before invoking events
  • new context help: expanded with additional information
  • edit backup addon: cleanup of the backup task class
  • edit backup addon: improved error handling
  • edit backup addon: improved backup log formatting
  • edit debugger addon: various improvements to the JavaScript
  • edit debugger addon: various styling improvements
  • edit cron control addon: settings panel is no longer in use
  • edit grid pagination: improved storing and use of the pager limit
  • edit mysqlphpdump library 2.9
  • edit Smart Animated Popup 1.9
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.12
  • fix events log: in some cases events content not properly escaped on display
  • fix grid pagination: issue with saving the per page value
  • fix backup addon: few minor issues with the backup task class
  • fix backup addon: few issues displaying backups in the events log
  • fix backup addon: issue with the backup progress dialog auto scroll
  • fix backup addon: network transients not properly cleared
  • fix backup addon: disabling schedule task option doesn’t remove scheduled event
  • fix debugger addon: button in toolbar not showing errors indication
  • fix debugger addon: some styling issues with new versions of WordPress
  • fix debugger addon: minor issues with the JavaScript
  • fix debugger addon: enqueued files script and style versions were wrong
  • fix information addon: invalid MySQL version in some cases
  • fix settings loading using more queries than needed
  • fix several minor method visibility issues

Version: 5.9.2 / may 5 2020

  • new debugger: list of registered templates in the stack
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.8
  • del cron control: option to ban jobs due to the changes in WordPress
  • fix debugger addon: few issues with some logging functions
  • fix backup addon: basic init for the backups directory issues
  • fix backup addon: minor issues with the new backup task HTML form
  • fix backup addon: download code not properly preparing SQL query
  • fix backup addon: download of backups not working correctly

Version: 5.9.1 / january 9 2020

  • new tested with PHP 7.4
  • new tweaks addon: disable administrator email verification
  • edit debugger addon: detection of the table filters
  • edit Smart Animated Popup 1.8
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.2
  • fix debugger addon: small issues with the debug button
  • fix minor issue with with the PHP 7.4 deprecations

Version: 5.9 – Pegasus / october 21 2019

  • new events log: table includes new column with the meta data hash
  • new events log: option to control duplicated events handling
  • new debugger addon: expanded information on the Admin panel
  • new debugger addon: filter queries by query type
  • new debugger addon: system panel – show server information
  • new debugger addon: request panel – current request information
  • new debugger addon: http panel – http api requests log
  • new debugger addon: log http api requests to database
  • new debugger addon: additional option for button admin side location
  • new cron addon: expanded list of default WordPress CRON jobs
  • new cron addon: expanded list of Dev4Press plugins CRON jobs
  • new dashboard addon: recent widget support for the bbPress replies
  • new information: show breakdown of the PHP error flags status
  • new tools: tool to run the recheck of database schema
  • new about: about panel fully rewritten and expanded
  • new translation: da_DK – Dansk / Danish
  • new translation: de_AT – Deutsch Österreich / German Austria
  • new translation: de_CH – Deutsch Schweiz / German Switzerland
  • new translation: de_DE – Deutsch / German
  • new translation: es_AR – Español de Argentina / Spanish Argentina
  • new translation: es_ES – Español / Spanish
  • new translation: es_MX – Español de México / Spanish Mexico
  • new translation: fr_BE – Français de Belgique / French Belgian
  • new translation: fr_CA – Français de Canada / French Canadian
  • new translation: fr_FR – Français / French
  • new translation: hr – Hrvatski / Croatian
  • new translation: it_IT – Italiano / Italian
  • new translation: nl_NL – Nederlands / Dutch
  • new translation: pl_PL – Polski / Polish
  • new translation: pt_BR – Português do Brasil / Brazilian Portuguese
  • new translation: pt_PT – Português / Portuguese
  • new translation: ru_RU – Русский / Russian
  • edit tools: various improvements to the events log cleanup
  • edit debugger addon: a lot of improvements to the queries tab
  • edit debugger addon: various styling improvements for popup
  • edit debugger addon: improvements to the settings organization
  • edit completly rebuild and replaced the font with icons
  • edit various improvements to the plugin JavaScript files
  • edit some changes in the admin side code files organization
  • edit various under the hood code improvements and cleanup
  • edit small optimization of various core classes and functions
  • edit few changes to some of the plugin default settings
  • edit Smart Animated Popup 1.7
  • edit flatpickr library 4.6.3
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.1
  • edit d4pPrint 2.2
  • removed migration tools from version 4.x
  • removed unused remote request event
  • fix debugger addon: few styling problems with the responsive layout
  • fix debugger addon: several small sanitation issues for super globals
  • fix dashboard addon: empty titles for the bbPress replies in recent widget
  • fix php information: problem with formatting for some versions of PHP
  • fix missing sanitation for the email test form

Version: / november 12 2018

  • new export/import: some settings not properly converted for import

Version: 5.8 – Cerberus / november 12 2018

  • new export/import: completly reworked
  • new export/import: different export file format
  • new export/import: using JSON format to export data
  • new export/import: with additional information
  • edit backup: various tweaks to the files backup
  • edit debugger: minor updates to the styling
  • edit tools: all panels moved to own directory
  • edit about: all panels moved to own directory
  • edit core: various improvements to postback handling
  • edit core: improvements to the various tools handling
  • edit d4pLib 2.5
  • new export/import: not all settings get exported
  • new export/import: export linked wrong on multisite
  • new events log: bulk delete without input sanitation

Version: 5.7 – Sphinx / august 1 2018

  • new debugger: show information for disabled debug directives
  • new cleanup tools: for orphaned usermeta records
  • new cleanup tools: for empty usermeta records
  • new cleanup tools: for empty termmeta records
  • new cleanup tools: for empty commentmeta records
  • edit debugger: few minor styling improvements
  • edit backup: few tweaks to the E2 backup engine
  • edit mysqlphpdump library 2.5
  • edit flatpickr library 4.5.1
  • edit d4pLib 2.3.5
  • del cleanup tools: removed gravity forms cleanup tools
  • fix backup: partial backup included views along tables

Version: 5.6.3 / january 18 2018

  • fix regression bug in the database wrapper object

Version: 5.6.2 / january 17 2018

  • new debugger: support for the new WordPress filters storage
  • new debugger: show is_front_page conditional value
  • edit debugger: few minor styling improvements
  • edit flatpickr library 4.2.3
  • edit d4pLib 2.2.4
  • fix xss vulnerability: query string panel was not sanitized
  • fix xss vulnerability: panel variable for some pages was not verified
  • fix some variables not properly sanitized in the events grid
  • fix php information panel layout broken with PHP 5.6

Version: 5.6.1 / september 7 2017

  • edit google analytics: various small loading improvements
  • edit d4pLib 2.1.1
  • fix google analytics: events tracking problem with user roles

Version: 5.6 – Basilisk / september 4 2017

  • new google analytics: event tracking – emails
  • new google analytics: event tracking – downloads
  • new google analytics: event tracking – external links
  • new google analytics: downloads – type of tracking
  • new google analytics: downloads – list of extensions
  • new google analytics: CSS controls classes
  • new backup: task to backup content folder
  • new backup: now using the flatpickr datepicker library
  • edit smart animated popup library 1.6
  • edit flatpickr library 3.0.7
  • edit mysqlphpdump library 2.3.1
  • edit d4pLib 2.1
  • del air-datepicker library
  • fix few issues with debugger and React based plugins

Version: 5.5.1 / june 29 2017

  • edit d4pLib 2.0.3
  • edit d4pR 2.0
  • fix backup: problem with missing storage types

Version: 5.5 – Hippogriff / may 2 2017

  • new addon: Access Control
  • new access control: administration redirect
  • new access control: access authorization
  • new debugger: admin side panel
  • new debugger: PHP super globals panel
  • new debugger panel: accessibility support
  • new admin interface: accessibility support
  • new now using defuse php encryption library for secure settings
  • edit debugger: expanded basic panel
  • edit debugger panel: various styling improvements
  • edit cleanup: term relationship support for NextGen Gallery
  • edit few small updates to the FTP storage
  • edit d4pLib 1.9.3
  • del debugger panel: removed expanded panel

Version: 5.4 – Hydra / february 13 2017

  • new addon: WP REST API Control
  • new wp rest api: force SSL for REST API
  • new wp rest api: disable WP REST API
  • new wp rest api: disable users endpoints
  • new wp rest api: disable settings endpoints
  • new wp toolbar: multisite network Overload menu items
  • edit backup: added extra information about engine selection
  • edit removed Dropbox Storage into plugin based addon
  • edit removed S3 Storage into plugin based addon
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.9
  • fix wp toolbar: few issues with some of the menu items
  • fix backup: E2 engine issues with multisite single blog backup

Version: 5.3 – Chimera / december 21 2016

  • new addon: Disable Feeds
  • new tweaks: tweak to remove extra Emoji code
  • new google analytics: support for Google AMP
  • edit debugger: various improvements and enhancements
  • edit debugger: improved display of errors
  • edit tweaks: users panel column for last login
  • edit tweaks: users panel column for last activity
  • edit tweaks: network users panel column for last login
  • edit tweaks: network users panel column for last activity
  • edit tweaks: improved oEmbed auto discovery disable tweak
  • edit cron control: expanded detections list
  • edit backup: using AirDatepicker for selecting backup schedule
  • edit using only minification for JavaScript, no packer used
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.6
  • fix debugger: some issues with the tracker object
  • fix events log: deleting the events in some cases
  • fix wp heartbeat: settings panel not properly loaded

Version: 5.2.2 / september 5 2016

  • edit improvements to datetime based functions
  • edit d4pLib 1.8
  • fix maintenance mode: problem when running bbPress

Version: 5.2.1 / august 23 2016

  • new toolbar menu: CRON and Database menu items added
  • fix google analytics: minor issue with the missing user roles
  • fix toolbar menu: missing Information panel menu item

Version: 5.2 – Manticore / august 10 2016

  • new backup: threads based backup engine
  • new backup: select which backup engine to use
  • new backup: task to backup uploads folder only
  • new php information panel: support for PHP 7
  • new support for the CloudFlare for IP detection
  • new footer information shows current visitor IP
  • new debugger panel: shows current visitor IP
  • new debugger panel: shows all detected IP’s on the Exppanded tab
  • edit backup: many imporvements to the backup panels
  • edit ftp storage: several improvements to the library
  • edit all storages: load storage only if PHP is supported
  • edit all storages: check imput file path and name before upload
  • edit improved sanitation of plugins settings on save
  • edit improved buttons on all dialogs on the admin side
  • edit improved linking for all admin side plugin grids
  • edit improved storing of users last login timestamp
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.8
  • edit AWS SDK PHP 2.8.31
  • fix backup: failed upload marks backup as incomplete
  • fix backup: warnings related to missing storages
  • fix ftp storage: change of directory not working
  • fix ftp storage: several issues with the upload
  • fix ftp storage: minor problem with time calculation
  • fix all storages: edge case when upload file is not provided
  • fix storages: deleting of storages is not working
  • fix information: warnings related to Memcache panels
  • fix user last login was not properly stored
  • fix several small typos

Version: 5.1 – Griffin / may 5 2016

  • new addon: Google Analytics – with dimensions support
  • new addon: OPcache – control and information
  • new addon: Database – tables status and control
  • new tweaks: disable oEmbed auto discovery and embed
  • new backup: option to remove transients before backup
  • new backup: option to set maximum length of INSERT query
  • new backup: filter backups by task and file availability
  • new backup: block to catch and handle errors during backup
  • new debugger: log caller trace for doing it wrong calls
  • new system information: status of OPCache extension
  • new system information: status of PHP API interface
  • new system information: server timestamp and datetime
  • new system information: panel for Memcache
  • new system information: panel for Memcached
  • edit system information: various improvements and updates
  • edit amazon s3: tweaked to use 2 threads for upload
  • edit debugger: improved processing of caller trace
  • edit debugger: improved display of errors in events log
  • edit events log: improved display of errors in events log
  • edit events log: removal tool can remove specific events only
  • edit backup: improvements to the backups and tasks grids
  • edit various admin side interface improvements and tweaks
  • edit d4pLib 1.6.7
  • edit AWS SDK PHP 2.8.29
  • fix amazon s3: warning in the upload handling code
  • fix backup: broken deletion of old backup files for task
  • fix cron control: issue with running some types of jobs
  • fix cron control: issue with detection of single time events
  • fix events log: filtering by blog is not working

Version: 5.0.5 / april 26 2016

  • new backup: includes beta version of the restore script
  • new backup: support for wp-config.php outside of root
  • new debugger: filter to allow adding of new tabs in popup
  • edit backup: minor improvements to preparation of backup

Version: 5.0.4 / april 21 2016

  • new debugger: log fatal errors
  • new backup: stores timestamp of the last operation
  • new backup: new event for broken backup
  • new backup: auto reset backup if gets stuck or breaks
  • new backup: backups panel shows extra navigation buttons
  • edit few improvements to backup process log format
  • edit minor changes in displaying errors in events log panel
  • edit d4pLib 1.6.6
  • fix toolbar menu items from addon not showing on frontend
  • fix deleting everything from events log was not working
  • fix few issues with tool for deletion from events log
  • fix small issue with the dropbox time calculation
  • fix problem with displaying errors in log in some cases
  • fix critical issue with importing settings export file

Version: 5.0.3 / march 22 2016

  • new wp toolbar: actions to allow for menu items insertion
  • new wp toolbar: several addons adding own menu items
  • new debugger: option to control cutoff for slow queries
  • edit plugin initialization moved to priority 0
  • edit small tweaks to the notification digest layout
  • edit backup: tweaks to PDO backup default settings
  • edit backup: smaller max line size for PDO backup
  • fix cron: detection for some plugins scheduled jobs
  • fix dropbox: storage path ignored by the upload
  • fix wp dashboard: two widgets were mislabeled

Version: 5.0.2 / march 19 2016

  • new information: apache headers and alias modules
  • edit information: small optimization in information object
  • edit core: updated plugin SVG icon to use light default color
  • edit d4pLib 1.6.2
  • fix information: PHP information missing version and logo
  • fix storage: missing test button for ftp and amazon s3
  • fix tweaks: problem with colums for comments grid tweak
  • fix backup: problem with multisite individual blogs backups
  • fix backup: broken button for backup tasks panel
  • fix several typos

Version: 5.0.1 / march 14 2016

  • new core: options to control user latest login/activity tracking
  • new core: multisite option to disable blog level crons
  • new backup: .htaccess and index.html for backup folders protection
  • edit events log: minor improvement of details display
  • edit debugger: several smaller styling improvements
  • edit d4pLib
  • fix smtp: password was saved without proper encryption
  • fix events log: display of plugins and themes upgrade event
  • fix events log: display of serialized data for events
  • fix post duplicator: redirection issue after duplication
  • fix core: unused function call during plugin activation
  • fix d4plib: critical issue with the encryption library
  • fix d4plib: critical issue with updating multisite settings

Version: 5.0 / march 10 2016

  • the plugin is completely rewritten
  • not compatible with old 4.x version
  • security features moved into GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin
  • SEO features moved into GD SEO Toolbox Pro plugin

Version: 4.5.7 / november 2 2015

  • fix database backup not working with mySQLi extension
  • fix few classes using outdated named constructors

Version: 4.5.6 / july 12 2015

  • fix some sitemaps settings not saving
  • fix sitemaps building even with XML and GZ maps both disabled
  • fix several warnings and notices with sitemap builder

Version: 4.5.5 / april 24 2015

  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.8.7 shared library
  • fix add_query_arg() function and URL that are not escaped
  • fix several more warnings when using PHP 5.5

Version: 4.5.4 / september 7 2014

  • edit updated to Amazon PHP SDK 1.6.2 library
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • fix broken upload to the Amazon S3
  • fix several small issues processing backup jobs
  • fix backup panel display of file system only jobs
  • fix several more warnings when using PHP 5.4 / 5.5

Version: 4.5.3 / july 13 2014

  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.8.6 shared library
  • del removed support in Sitemaps generator
  • fix wrong value used with Sitemap posts date priority class
  • fix some minor problems with Sitemap generator core
  • fix several warnings when using PHP 5.4 / 5.5
  • fix several deprecated warnings when using PHP 5.3 – 5.5
  • fix few more mysql version problems with php 5.5 or newer

Version: 4.5.2 / july 6 2014

  • new support for new type of multisite upload directories
  • edit improved creation of backup directories
  • fix backup core processor using wrong backup base path
  • fix multisite backup fails to write into zip file
  • fix multisite backup problems with individual sites backups
  • fix abort backup currently running not working
  • fix warnings when viewing the backup log file
  • fix some problems when trying to download backup files
  • fix mysql version reported wrong with php 5.5 or newer

Version: 4.5.1 / december 5 2013

  • new debug print function shows object methods
  • edit improved styling for debug print function
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.8.3 shared library
  • fix visual problems with WordPress 3.8
  • fix minor issues with maintenance mode exceptions
  • fix problems with changed format for Sucuri Scan response
  • fix issue with extra post edit list links
  • fix issue with undefined debug constant check
  • fix issues with undeclared static methods
  • fix several warnings when using PHP 5.4

Version: 4.5 / june 07 2013

  • new debugger: display log of executed hooks
  • new tracker: log order of the hooks execution
  • edit perishable press 5g htaccess firewall updated
  • edit refactoring and improving javascript code
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • edit updated jquery qtip2 library 2.0.1
  • edit updated jquery timepicker library to 1.3
  • edit updated jquery simple modal library to 1.4.4
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.10.3
  • edit many small updates and improvements
  • del removed support for wordpress older than 3.3
  • fix backup: few warnings for embedded images
  • fix several minor warnings fixed

Version: 4.4.1 / november 23 2012

  • edit backup: restore script improvements
  • edit backup: restore script more information displayed
  • edit cron: expanded list of detected cron jobs
  • edit several small improvements to debugger
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • edit updated to latest gdPressDropbox 1.1 class
  • fix backup: minor issues with restore script
  • fix backup: dropbox upload script login fails

Version: 4.4 / october 4 2012

  • new seo: support for alexa pro certification
  • new backup: download files supports resuming
  • new backup: rewritten dropbox class with more error info
  • new backup: dropbox load included certificate file if needed
  • new backup: additional url protection string based on nonce
  • new debugger: advanced control for SQL queries list
  • new toolbar: options to remove WordPress logo
  • new toolbar: options to change user account menu
  • new toolbar: debugger activation in the quick tools menu
  • new auto tagger: use OpenCalais API
  • new auto tagger: use API
  • new file manager: shortcuts list expanded using filters
  • new cleanup tools: for the spammed posts (bbPress)
  • new option to disable XML-RPC in WordPress 3.5
  • new protection of the post/comments operations based on nonce
  • new using ajax to speed up some post/comments operations
  • new detecting presence of the PEAR library
  • edit backup: much lower memory usage during database backup tasks
  • edit backup: lower memory usage for files backup tasks
  • edit debugger: loading of panels optimizations
  • edit toolbar: notice about the cleanup menu inclusion
  • edit auto tagger: not longer display post types with no taxonomies
  • edit tracker: not loading when in cron or ajax mode
  • edit code cleanup, optimization and partial refactoring
  • edit many improvements to javascript code and files loading
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.7.9 shared library
  • edit updated jquery timepicker library to 1.0.3
  • edit updated jquery simple modal library to 1.4.3
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.8.24
  • fix backup: large files download with cache plugins
  • fix backup: process fails when db table has space in name
  • fix backup: canceling waiting backup process fails
  • fix backup: not selecting CDN for backup task
  • fix toolbar: toggle set to active after installation
  • fix auto tagger: canceling waiting tagger process fails
  • fix plugin menu coloring broken in WordPress 3.5
  • fix setting pinned status from post edit metabox
  • fix several styling issues with timepicker
  • fix several more warnings and notices
  • fix few visual issues with WordPress 3.4 and 3.5

Version: / may 14 2012

  • fix wrong sitemap dates on sitemaps page
  • fix file md5 attempt when the file is deleted
  • fix rare issue with the toolbar integration

Version: 4.3.8 / april 22 2012

  • new toolbar: plugin menu now shows plugin icon
  • edit dates on main plugin page are using system formats
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.7.2 shared library
  • edit updated jquery ui timepicker library to 1.0.0
  • edit updated jquery qtip2 library to latest build
  • fix wrong backup/sitemap dates on plugin main page
  • fix issues with gdp_r library loading on front-end
  • fix issues with beta/nightly update options
  • fix backups upload to dropbox problems

Version: 4.3.7 / march 11 2012

  • edit several changes to adding links to sitemaps
  • edit auto remove all empty sitemaps files
  • fix sitemap building inactive content elements
  • fix saving the sitemaps content settings
  • fix updating the sitemap content settings
  • fix broken last modification sitemap url parameter
  • fix adding external build sitemaps files
  • fix several warnings during the build process

Version: 4.3.6 / march 10 2012

  • new debug panel: includes WP database object
  • edit minor changes to loading of backup logs
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.7.1 shared library
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.8.18
  • fix saving some of the adminbar module settings

Version: 4.3.5 / february 26 2012

  • edit changes to sitemap generating archive links
  • edit using load_plugin_textdomain to load translation
  • edit improved adminbar toggler for wordpress 3.3
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.7.0 shared library
  • fix executing filters for extra url for sitemaps

Version: 4.3.4 / january 30 2012

  • new security: tab to handle comments spam
  • new security: option to mark IP in the comments as spam
  • new security: deny access to comment IP marked as spam
  • new maintenance mode: templates added – simple red and gray
  • new maintenance mode: additional display control strings
  • fix maintenance mode: broken display of page title
  • fix detection of installed php zlib extension

Version: 4.3.3 / january 21 2012

  • new security: htaccess deny access to listed IP’s
  • new security: perishablepress 5g user agent rules
  • new maintenance mode: improved default template
  • new maintenance mode: additional settings for titles
  • edit security: improved adding perishablepress 5g rules
  • edit improved debug panel to show current conditional
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.6.5 shared library
  • fix public maintenance mode user allowed function
  • fix debugger overlay problem with twentyeleven theme header

Version: 4.3.2 / december 30 2011

  • new tracker: counting hooks attached with each snapshot
  • new tracker: expanding default list of auto snapshots points
  • new debugger: displaying hooks counts for snapshots
  • new debugger: panel with list of enqueued scripts and styles
  • new debugger: panel with extra info – sessions, cookies and cache
  • new debugger: settings to control some of the panels visibility
  • new plugin tools: option to reset all plugin security settings
  • new seo verify tags: alexa meta tag for ownership verification
  • new expand rss feeds: use special tags to expand content
  • edit debugger: improved display for some panels
  • edit removed some obsolete pieces of code and functions
  • edit improved loading of some plugin modules and classes
  • edit updated gdr2 library to 2.6.1
  • fix debugger: checking for the user properties warnings
  • fix debugger: changing location of toolbar button in wp 3.3
  • fix saving some of security settings deleted all security settings
  • fix some plugin toolbar elements had invalid input elements
  • fix trying to create new folder when wp_content is not writable
  • fix post revisions setting might not always work

Version: 4.3.1 / december 6 2011

  • edit cdn/ftp: ftp transfer class improved with retry position
  • fix cdn/ftp: several retry problems with new FTP class
  • fix tracker: initialization can fail for some settings
  • fix debugger: embedding broken for visitors on frontend

Version: 4.3 / december 1 2011

  • new tracker: load from wp-config for detailed tracking
  • new cdn/ftp: non blocking ftp copy method with retry loop
  • new modules: several plugin features turned into modules
  • new maintenance mode: network controlled through module
  • new admin dashboard: recently published posts widget
  • new admin dashboard: recent drafts widget
  • new admin dashboard: widgets have counter and post types filters
  • new database: display engine for each tables in the database
  • new database: display auto increment for each tables in the database
  • new robots: support for custom post types and taxonomies
  • new robots: support for additional robot meta tags
  • new cron: detect cron job source plugin or wordpress
  • new rss: expand feed item options support use of php code
  • new email smtp module supports yahoo and yahoo plus smtp servers
  • edit optimized plugin initialization procedure
  • edit optimized plugin loading of sitemaps code
  • edit email sender data is now among individual site settings
  • edit plugin capabilities are moved to the global settings
  • edit database: support for the InnoDB tables specifications
  • edit some options moved to global settings panel
  • edit removed several obsolete options and functions
  • edit various visual improvements and changes
  • edit default plugin settings class optimized for lower memory usage
  • edit updated gdr2 library to 2.5.5
  • fix broken network mode plugin cleaup tools
  • fix potential problem with downloading large backup archives
  • fix minor problems with display of settings for some of plugin panels
  • fix loading of transfer class for the google storage backup tranfer
  • fix few more minor issues with jQuery 1.7 and WordPress 3.3
  • fix sitemap generator counting posts for date based archives
  • fix missing plugin database panel in the network mode
  • fix facebook image tag checks if the thumbnail function exists

Version: 4.2.6 / november 4 2011

  • new module: gd press enhancer for editor expanding
  • new support for new context help in wordpress 3.3
  • edit updated gdr2 library to 2.5
  • fix broken links in the plugin context help
  • fix missing options in the users debugger panel
  • fix config file can redeclare loader function in rare cases
  • fix deleting folder with no files in the file manager
  • fix google pagerank uses different request structure
  • fix several minor translations typos

Version: 4.2.5 / october 6 2011

  • new debugger: current user info panel
  • new restore script: select what to import from archive
  • new restore script: temp restore folder removal
  • new global settings: extra info about using settings
  • edit backup core: minor changes and code cleanup
  • edit debugger: changed and smaller bug icons
  • edit debugger: admin bar positioning for wp 3.3
  • fix restore script: problem with .htaccess file
  • fix broken function used for debug print of xml objects
  • fix minor issue with plugin first activation

Version: 4.2.4 / september 21 2011

  • new tools: centralized panel for data cleanup
  • new adminbar: quick tools menu and common actions list
  • edit improved deletion of trashed and spammed comments
  • edit improved handling of the plugin ajax operations
  • fix saving meta robots settings on the SEO panel

Version: 4.2.3 / september 12 2011

  • new integrate: post url in the post grid actions
  • new sucuri: notification if perishable press tweaks are active
  • fix broken some of the plugins dashboard widgets controls
  • fix broken tweak for hiding help tab on top of the page
  • fix full backup missing on wp-config.php moved outside of WP folder
  • fix some perishable 5g htaccess rules missing few characters

Version: 4.2.2 / august 31 2011

  • new debugger: scan for error logs on the server
  • new debugger: display wordpress debug/error log
  • edit debugger: expanded WP Query panel with more data
  • edit front: expanded info with error logging and apc version
  • fix broken post tags page due to missing filter handler
  • fix display of extensions status when they are not loaded
  • fix disappearing login button from admin bar for visitors
  • fix missing parameter for the pinned posts dashboard widget

Version: 4.2.1 / august 23 2011

  • new adminbar: gd press tools menu
  • new adminbar: login button or form for visitors
  • new adminbar: main control class
  • new backup: advisor with tips and recommendations
  • new dashboard widget: trash cleanup and full cleanup
  • new redirect admin links for some user roles
  • edit auto tagger cron job handler has own class
  • edit locking of cron jobs expanded with 7 seconds gap
  • edit expanded backup log with server and wordpress info
  • edit improved including styling and javascript
  • edit improved plugin front page statistics and overviews
  • edit minor improvements to the backup core
  • edit styling improvements to many plugin panels
  • edit changed call for sucuri scan for ssl based websites
  • edit updated list of the context help tutorials
  • edit updated gdr2 library to 2.4.3
  • fix several misspelled words and missing translations strings
  • fix cleanup of old backup tasks log entries

Version: 4.2 / august 18 2011

  • new backup: rewritten with any new features
  • new backup: backup archive restore script
  • new backup: support for renaming content folder
  • new backup: more settings for email notifications
  • new backup: using tmp folder to avoid conflicts
  • new backup: adding basic info file used by restore
  • new auto tagger: rewritten with any new features
  • new auto tagger: internal terms extraction
  • new auto tagger: alchemy api terms extraction
  • new auto tagger: zemanta api contextual suggest
  • new seo: facebook meta tags customization
  • new seo: core handling class for all seo
  • new settings: disable comments self pinging
  • new settings: disable loading of l10n javascript
  • new settings: global integration sites and users panel columns
  • new settings: additional control for post edit meta box widget
  • new interface: enhanced wordpress menu organization
  • new interface: more neutral color scheme
  • new security: sucuri powered free scan
  • new cdn/ftp: connections managment panel
  • new cron: preview arguments for the scheduled jobs
  • new debugger: bug button shows php errors status
  • new dashboard widget: scheduled posts list
  • new using timepicker for different jobs schedulers
  • new core functionality for tasks based features
  • new exceptions for the login authentication
  • new optimization in code loading and resources usage
  • edit removed old and unused JavaScript code
  • edit updated amazon php sdk to
  • edit updated qTip 2 to latest development version
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.8.15
  • edit updated gdr2 library to 2.4.2
  • edit improved backup error notifications
  • edit improved database backup to query data escaping
  • edit improvements to print_r debug replacement functions
  • edit improvements to some debugger panels
  • edit more improvements for wordpress 3.2
  • fix changing admin username in multisite installations
  • fix backup archive status can be invalid in some cases
  • fix multisite backup folder path can be invalid in some cases
  • fix missing nonce protection for some of the forms
  • fix warnings for using old wp_specialchars function
  • fix file manager download of file is not opening download dialog
  • fix admin bar toggled visible in the admin side iframes
  • fix sitemap fails if custom post type or taxonomy is removed
  • fix sitemap fails if terms or posts permalinks are broken
  • fix few more php warnings and notices

Version: 4.0.9 / may 13 2011

  • new admin bar show/hide tab button
  • new debugger: post types and taxonomies
  • new debugger: values in $_SESSION
  • new norwegian bokmÃ¥l translation
  • edit minor styling changes for wp 3.2 beta
  • edit gdr2 library updated to 2.2.9
  • fix front page security status invalid report
  • fix pinned dashboard widget edit link broken
  • fix several styling issues with the debugger panel

Version: 4.0.8 / april 30 2011

  • new partial serbian and norwegian translations
  • edit updated jquery ui to 1.8.12
  • edit various minor visual changes
  • fix creating protective copies of index.php files
  • fix few missing strings for translations
  • fix width for additional user comments column
  • fix partial backup with empty task exclude list
  • fix deprecated use in function in pretty print code

Version: 4.0.7 / april 14 2011

  • new file manager editor: create backup file
  • edit updated jquery ui to 1.8.11
  • edit some visual changes and improvements
  • fix several misspelled words and typos
  • fix displaying copy to settings for backup jobs
  • fix file manager editor: problems with HTML files

Version: 4.0.6 / april 05 2011

  • fix broken multisite network admin with new admin bar disable function

Version: 4.0.5 / april 04 2011

  • new admin bar control based on user roles
  • new in code filter for additional admin bar control
  • edit changed pins widget to single widget for all post types
  • edit several minor updates and changes
  • edit gdr2 library updated to 2.2.7
  • fix several problems with pinning posts to dashboard widget
  • fix file system backup initialization procedure for multi tasks backup
  • fix metabox sitemap exclusion array initialization

Version: 4.0.4 / march 22 2011

  • new xml sitemap priority different calculations
  • new xml sitemap post meta box override options
  • new interface accessibility enhancements settings
  • edit sitemap individual url filtering improved
  • edit gdr2 library updated to 2.2.6
  • fix broken disable admin bar option
  • fix duplicated options retrival for some sitemaps
  • fix getting content tags using yahoo api

Version: 4.0.3 / march 16 2011

  • new additional quick info boxes on plugin front page
  • new sitemap: posts and terms exclusions settings
  • new sitemap: list of extra urls to add to core map
  • edit prevention adding empty urls to sitemap
  • edit improved sitemap creation for more flexibility
  • edit displaying additional sitemap settings information
  • fix adding attachment/media to sitemap
  • fix sitemap date archives file splitting
  • fix sitemap attachment/media counts
  • fix plugin front next backup run date/time
  • fix several small typos
  • fix security admin rename fails in some cases

Version: 4.0.2 / march 3 2011

  • new email and smtp settings for WordPress mailer
  • new perishablepress 5g htaccess firewall rules
  • edit security htaccess page got the usage disclaimer
  • edit defined global constant for charset
  • edit using new current time/date functions everywhere
  • edit run now cron job option can run jobs with arguments
  • edit pot file updated with some missing translation strings
  • edit loading log message for showing backup logs
  • edit backup wp-config file when is one level up
  • edit security file check when wp-config is one level up
  • fix download backup fails with wp_debug mode active
  • fix display of cron job times on the cron scheduler panel
  • fix invalid use of charset constant for saving htaccess file
  • fix wrong date for the backup job first run time

Version: 4.0.1 / february 28 2011

  • edit gdr2 library updated to 2.2.2
  • fix loading of language translation files
  • fix debugger fails when needs to print empty or null structure
  • fix duplicated unload jquery action hook
  • fix inconsistent dates for the backup files and logs
  • fix minor problem with deleting backup files

Version: 4.0 / february 24 2011

  • new file manager with edit, upload and more
  • new advanced xml sitemaps generator
  • new backup includes files backup tasks
  • new backup sleep time after adding file to archive
  • new backup can copy archives to dropbox
  • new detailed and configurable debugger
  • new vastly improved plugin interface
  • new gdr2 transient cache included
  • new loading compacted javascript libraries
  • new domain exclusions for registration filters
  • new additional quick info boxes on plugin front page
  • edit gdr2 library updated to 2.2.1
  • edit amazon cdn with CloudFusion / phpSDK 1.2.1
  • edit jquery dropdownselect updated to 1.2
  • edit updated jquery ui to 1.8.9
  • edit rewritten ftp class used for backup
  • edit improved downloading of large backup files
  • edit improvements to maintenance mode
  • edit prune users expanded to use registration filters
  • edit interface images organized and compacted
  • edit plugin styling full cleanup
  • edit detailed files reorganization
  • edit more optimizations to main and admin class
  • edit many improvements to backup class
  • edit code cleanup of different parts of plugin
  • del debug settings from the main settings panel
  • del removed outdated dashboard widgets code
  • del removed support for wordpress older than 3.0
  • fix backup download fails when W3 Total Cache is active
  • fix relative date recalculation for user activity
  • fix problems with some outdated filters and actions
  • fix loading of amazon s3 and google storage libraries

Version: 3.9.4 / january 30 2011

  • new hide admin bar user profile options
  • edit changed disable admin bar method
  • edit minor changes in some of the functions

Version: 3.9.3 / january 2 2011

  • new public settings get and set functions
  • edit wp_specialchars replaced with esc_html

Version: 3.9.2 / december 26 2010

  • fix issues with multisite and security panel

Version: 3.9.1 / december 19 2010

  • edit folder protection tool moved to security panel
  • edit updated pot with some missing translation strings

Version: 3.9 / december 19 2010

  • new security: htaccess modification panel
  • new security: status tab with htaccess overview
  • new network dashboard additional options widget
  • fix linking issues in the dashboard widget
  • fix some of the security status checks were broken

Version: 3.8.8 / december 13 2010

  • new security: status tab with security overview
  • new security: tweaks tab with various options
  • new support for network admin menu in wp 3.1
  • edit improved chmod checking and reporting
  • edit updated graphics and javascript libraries
  • edit some minor styling corrections
  • fix backup fails sometimes on windows os
  • fix strange problem with backup path in network mode
  • fix chmod checking if file/folder is not there

Version: 3.8.7 / december 10 2010

  • new security: chmod files and folders panel
  • new controls for admin bar in wordpress 3.1
  • fix saving of some of the plugin settings

Version: 3.8.6 / december 9 2010

  • new security panel with improved registration settings
  • new security specific class
  • new additional email extra dots registration filter
  • edit reorganization of main plugin class
  • edit more basic domain exceptions for filtering
  • fix saving registration user id on success of registration
  • fix navigation on the registration panel

Version: 3.8.5 / november 20 2010

  • new change authorization cookie expiration time
  • edit several more cron schedule periods
  • edit minor changes to dashboard widget
  • fix dashboard widget hiding of the blocks
  • fix saving some of the settings was broken

Version: 3.8.4 / november 17 2010

  • edit maintenance mode activation order
  • edit some minor maintenance mode improvements
  • edit added new domain exception rules

Version: 3.8.3 / october 29 2010

  • new improved cron hooks removal with function
  • fix adding default and added cron schedule periods

Version: 3.8.2 / october 10 2010

  • new move backup files to cdn: google storage
  • new move backup files to ftp
  • new remove make clickable filter for comment content
  • new function for converting XML object into array
  • edit gdp_r converts XML to array prior to printing
  • edit some improvements to print functions
  • edit switched to gdr2 library

Version: 3.8.1 / september 23 2010

  • new plugin specific tools: reset plugin settings
  • new move backup files to cdn: amazon s3
  • edit prevent loading of default jqueryui on plugin panels
  • edit backup will attempt to increase memory and timeout
  • edit updated translation file and missing strings
  • fix getting cdn settings in multi site environments
  • fix setting initial capabilities for roles
  • fix no emails set for backup notification

Version: 3.8 / september 18 2010

  • new wordpress backup panel
  • new support for multi site databse backup
  • new move backup files to cdn: rackspace cloud
  • new google page rank for website on dashboard
  • new use of capabilities for displaying plugin panels
  • new filters for maintenance mode requests exceptions
  • new options to prevent access to wp-signup.php
  • new several new filters for expanding some of the features
  • edit maintenance mode is separate class
  • edit rewritten plugins javascript code
  • edit massive code cleanup and optimization
  • edit database backup moved to backup tab
  • edit all forms with nonce protection
  • fix cron is not working in maintenance mode
  • fix extra debug code left on some panels
  • fix minor strings spelling problems
  • fix use of few deprecated functions

Version: 3.7.6 / august 30 2010

  • new remove header links actions
  • edit replaced some deprecated functions
  • fix minor strings spelling problems

Version: 3.7.5 / august 20 2010

  • new improved human time function
  • edit improved functions organization
  • edit updated translation pot file
  • fix missing id columns for categories in wp 3.0
  • fix missing id columns for post tags in wp 3.0

Version: 3.7.4 / july 30 2010

  • new spanish translation for pro version
  • fix estimation of the database size for backup
  • fix loading of unneeded scripts and styles

Version: 3.7.3 / july 12 2010

  • new working REAL Capital P filter
  • edit auto update of domain exception after plugin upgrade
  • edit disabling core update removes the nag messages

Version: 3.7.2 / july 10 2010

  • fix use of invalid function for checking registration validity

Version: 3.7.1 / july 10 2010

  • new function to determine if user is online
  • new setting default chmod values for files and directories
  • new option to disable Capital P filter in WP 3.0
  • edit some spam registration filters expanded
  • fix spam filtering based on list of domains
  • fix minor styling issue with the ID columns

Version: 3.7.0 / june 20 2010

  • new extra contact methods for user profile
  • new url scan for excessive length and sql injection
  • edit global settings for all wordpress installations
  • fix loading of not existing CSS file
  • fix some minor problems with validation of registration data
  • fix adding comments ID column has problems with ajax request

Version: 3.6.2 / june 8 2010

  • new administration tweaking options: remove turbo, logo, favorites and help
  • new option to disable use of trash
  • edit wordpress update options now are global
  • edit improved registrations panel
  • edit improved validity checks for email and name
  • fix saving number of registrations stopped counter
  • fix registrations panel paging issues
  • fix gdp_r function styling causes problems in IE6

Version: 3.6.1 / june 4 2010

  • new registrations panel
  • new email filtering based on domains list and ban
  • edit expanded email and username filters
  • edit some tweaks to username and email filtering

Version: 3.6 / june 1 2010

  • new registration settings tab
  • new return registration validity messages
  • new check registration user agent validity
  • new check registration email validity
  • new registration filtering for spam
  • del removed support for wordpress 2.7
  • edit renaming some of the functions
  • edit changes to some settings tabs
  • fix comment id column breaks post edit comments display

Version: 3.5 / may 24 2010

  • new prune users panel
  • new set empty trash in days
  • new expanding comments grid
  • edit lock / unlock added to mysql database export
  • edit implemented base admin class
  • edit display database backup estimate for gzip
  • edit number of visual improvements
  • edit updated plugin graphics
  • fix several minor bugs and problems
  • fix adding sticky column to pages grid

Version: 3.4.2 / may 12 2010

  • fix missing redirection function

Version: 3.4.1 / may 11 2010

  • edit current processing time and memory for auto tagger
  • edit updated status messages for auto tagger
  • edit maintenance mode proper setting of 503 header
  • fix minor warnings with active maintenance mode

Version: 3.4.0 / may 9 2010

  • new column for last user activity
  • edit press print is not embeded into the page
  • edit merged wp hooks panel to environment as a tab
  • fix displayng user activity on users panel
  • fix initialization order on plugin update

Version: 3.3.0 / april 28 2010

  • new maintenance mode
  • new track user last activity
  • fix several minor problems

Version: 3.2.2 / april 21 2010

  • new remove wp version info from admin footer for non admin users
  • new estimated size for full database backup
  • new estimated size for selected database tables
  • edit more global settings for multisite installations
  • edit more changes for wordpress 3.0 related issues
  • fix small problem with site admin functions under wpmu

Version: 3.2.1 / april 18 2010

  • new meta tag for google, bing and yahoo verification
  • new functions for post and user tracking results
  • edit changed newly depracted functions in wordpress
  • edit few more improvements for wordpress 3.0

Version: 3.2.0 / april 12 2010

  • new support for wordpress 3.0 multi site mode
  • new select whole database or only some tables to backup
  • new visualize JSON debugger tab and JSON library
  • edit visually improved SQL queries debug area in footer

Version: 3.1.2 / march 28 2010

  • new added french translation for lite
  • fix invalid sql for delayed rss publish
  • fix duplicate post duplicating quotes in content
  • fix duplicate post igoners postmeta settings
  • fix minor problems with saving some settings

Version: 3.1.1 / march 14 2010

  • new user last login column on the users panel
  • new remove name column from users panel
  • edit minor changes to integration settings tab
  • fix filter to expand wordpress panels

Version: 3.1.0 / march 12 2010

  • new mysqldump method for backup of the database
  • new individual tables options for optimize and repair
  • edit database optimize and repair tools now separated
  • fix several fixes for wordpress 3.0 compatibility
  • fix database backup email notification not send
  • fix cosmetic fixes for database backup panel

Version: 3.0.5 / february 1 2010

  • new new debugger panel and unSerialize tool
  • edit proper line endings for header printed lines
  • fix loading jQuery for debug print function

Version: 3.0.3 / janury 19 2010

  • new change background for scheduled posts in the grid
  • edit proper clear rss cache function for transient options
  • fix flash uploader problem when website is locked down
  • fix loading jQuery for debug print function

Version: 3.0.2 / janury 10 2010

  • new allow beta and nightly wordpress upgrades
  • new option to force cleanup of auto tagger cron job stuck in execution
  • edit manual run of update jobs performs update check correctly
  • fix missing option for disabling themes updates
  • fix minor problems with some plugin cron jobs

Version: 3.0.1 / janury 1 2010

  • new hide default dashboard widgets
  • edit added commentmeta table to defaults for wp 2.9
  • edit notification about backup directory
  • edit preventing failed to open dir errors
  • fix fixed loading admin styles for wp 2.9
  • fix deleting database backups from archive tab
  • fix few misspellings

Version: 3.0.0 / december 14 2009

  • new pin posts and pages into dashboard widgets
  • new restrict username registration using keywords
  • new restrict username registration by length
  • new zlib compression for output
  • new log all sql queries into the file
  • new additional auto tagger tool settings
  • new schedules periods for cron job editor
  • new auto tagger in the post editor panel widget
  • new css hack setting editor grid background color for drafts
  • new css hack setting editor grid tags column width
  • new css hack for showing hidden custom fields
  • new post edit widget option for showing hidden custom fields
  • new backup scheduling with extended parameters
  • new backup archives manager
  • new htaccess protection of the database backup folder
  • new add shortlink url to the html head
  • new separate log only file
  • edit major code reogranization
  • edit redesigned cron panel
  • edit many improved visual elements
  • fix several minor visual bugs and problems

Version: 2.3.0 / november 16 2009

  • new option to disable theme update check
  • edit improved disable core update check
  • edit improved disable plugin update check
  • fix few more warnings and notices

Version: 2.2.5 / october 20 2009

  • new chinese translation
  • edit improved loading and init of plugin
  • edit improved built in footer debug
  • fix several warnings and notices

Version: 2.2.4 / october 12 2009

  • new korean translation
  • edit updated gdragon libraries to 1.5
  • fix unschedule cron jobs wasn’t working for jobs with arguments
  • fix several alignment issues with debug blocks

Version: 2.2.3 / october 4 2009

  • new support for language meta tag
  • new filters for rss item footer and header
  • new belorussian translation

Version: 2.2.2 / september 28 2009

  • new support for current wordpress 2.9 development versions
  • new more robots meta tag related options
  • fix optimize database includes some previously missing tables
  • fix saving some of the meta related settings

Version: 2.2.1 / september 24 2009

  • new allow html in term, user and link descriptions
  • edit added fix to modify folder permissions to proper values
  • edit updated gdragon library to 1.4
  • fix problem with creating of folders and setting wrong permissions

Version: 2.2.0 / september 23 2009

  • new tool for database tables backup
  • new showing database tables collation
  • edit redesigned database panel
  • fix missing tables on database panel

Version: 2.1.1 / september 17 2009

  • new admin tool for scanning for new avatars
  • edit improved database installation to include collation for mysql 4.1 and 5
  • fix minor problem in adding new avatars

Version: 2.1.0 / september 13 2009

  • new global auto tagger tool to add tags using Yahoo
  • del removed admin ajax not loadin due to many problmes that was causing
  • fix several rss related problems with adding content to the feed
  • fix plugin causes some problem with admin ajax requests

Version: 2.0.1 / september 8 2009

  • edit changed user level visibilty of front plugin panel
  • fix minor ajax related loading problem

Version: 2.0.0 / september 4 2009

  • new panel with registered wordpress hooks
  • new website based short url
  • new display sql queries in footer of admin and blog pages
  • new option to disable post auto save
  • new dark color scheme for all plugins panels
  • new id column for tags and taxonomies edit panels
  • new track last user login time in usermeta table
  • new users list column with comments count
  • new wp 2.7 fix for invalid dashboard link
  • new prevent loading of the plugin for admin ajax calls
  • del removed support for wp 2.5 and wp 2.6
  • edit updated shared gdragon libraries
  • edit better organization of settings panel
  • edit cleanup of javascript and css for jquery elements
  • fix several warnings and notices
  • fix delete rss feeds from options table
  • fix creating avatars folder
  • fix directly running cron jobs
  • fix counting views now only for published posts

Version: 1.7.1 / august 22 2009

  • fix memory_get_usage might not exist on some setups

Version: 1.7.0 / august 16 2009

  • new duplicate posts from post edit panel
  • new delete spam from dashboard widget
  • new some quick facts on the plugins front page
  • edit post edit panel wp 2.8 improvements
  • edit cleanup of some options and integrations
  • edit few improvements to plugins dashboard widget
  • fix tracking of views and users was tracking feeds
  • fix counting total database overhead
  • fix jquery datapicker adds empty space to wordpress footer

Version: 1.6.0 / august 11 2009

  • new delayed post publishing for rss feeds
  • new adding custom gravatars from a folder
  • new config options to set the panels user access levels
  • fix install method fails to add settings
  • fix minor incompatibility with WPMU
  • fix inclusion of the classes.php file

Version: 1.5.3 / august 3 2009

  • fix problem with initial installing database tables

Version: 1.5.2 / july 31 2009

  • edit: jquery tabs and datepicker for jQuery 1.7
  • edit: missing datapicker translation for danish
  • fix: small problems with tabs and javascript

Version: 1.5.1 / july 27 2009

  • edit: few minor changes

Version: 1.5.0 / july 5 2009

  • new: option to hide login errors
  • new: load time and used memory calculated for blog pages
  • new: number of executed queries in footer
  • new: option to disable showing footer stats
  • new: function to get object with current load stats
  • edit: few minor changes and improvements
  • fix: minor problem with footer actions and login page

Version: 1.4.1 / june 26 2009

  • new: setting minimal user level to see dashboard widget

Version: 1.4.0 / june 24 2009

  • new: displaying used memory during the creation of the page
  • new: displaying page generating time
  • fix: some css styles missing

Version: 1.3.3 / june 15 2009

  • edit plugin version checker updated for better WP 2.8 compatibility
  • fix: few minor markup errors

Version: 1.3.2 / june 7 2009

  • new clear and default meta robots settings
  • edit small changes to meta robots panel
  • fix: displaying results on the post grid editor
  • fix: some minor css problems

Version: 1.3.1 / june 4 2009

  • edit updated danish translation
  • edit minor update to info files

Version: 1.3.0 / june 1 2009

  • new meta tags panel for global settings
  • new add content to rss feed items
  • new show post and page views on the edit grids
  • new added info about some of the options compatibility
  • new post edit panel widget with meta tag robots setting
  • new add meta tag robots to posts and pages
  • new started to adding the code comments in the main class
  • edit reorganization of the plugins modules files
  • edit number of small changes and improvements
  • fix: integration incompatibility with WP older than 2.8

Version: 1.2.2 / may 29 2009

  • new add user ID column to users grid
  • new add user display name column to users grid
  • new add category ID column to post categories grid
  • new info files expanded with list of functions

Version: 1.2.1 / may 27 2009

  • new option to run scheduled cron jobs
  • fix: minor incompatibility with WP older than 2.7

Version: 1.2.0 / may 26 2009

  • new displaying expanded info about the available update
  • new control over plugins dashboard widget
  • new tracking post and page views
  • new tracking users post and page views
  • edit more improvements for the info files

Version: 1.1.2 / may 14 2009

  • edit: updated read me file to support new html info files
  • edit: removed some of the obsolete code
  • edit: some of the missing translation strings added

Version: 1.1.1 / may 4 2009

  • fix: loading translations for menu
  • fix: translation length breaking layouts

Version: 1.1.0 / may 3 2009

  • new: disable flash uploader
  • new: adding index.php file for folder protection
  • new: delete old posts
  • edit: support for wordpress 2.8
  • edit: updated some of the settings
  • fix: few minor css problems

Version: 1.0.3 / april 2 2009

  • edit: checking of admin script name
  • fix: grid size change not working on pages editor

Version: 1.0.2 / march 25 2009

  • new: logging into file executed sql queries
  • edit: compatibility with mysql 4.0 deleting format
  • edit: improved deleting revisions to include metadata and taxonomy tables
  • edit: more phpdoc comments added for functions and constants
  • fix: adding columns to grids returns empty columns array
  • fix: invalid url in the admin footer

Version: 1.0.1 / march 22 2009

  • new: function for deleting revision return the count
  • new: override for php settings in config
  • new: counting removed revisions
  • edit: better control over php settings
  • edit: improved saving of settings
  • edit: small changes in css styles
  • fix: saving of post bulk removal date

Version: 1.0.0 / march 20 2009

  • new: cron scheduler panel
  • new: unschedule cron jobs
  • new: clear cached rss feeds
  • new: danish translation
  • edit: settings panel reogranized
  • edit: various improvements
  • edit: changed urls
  • edit: changed some of define constants
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.8.0 / march 18 2009

  • new: media panel grid id column
  • new: close comments and pings for posts
  • new: db tables columns
  • new: drop or empty db tables
  • new: remove wp version
  • new: remove really simple discovery header link
  • new: remove windows live writer header link
  • new: admin footer message
  • edit: various improvements
  • edit: javascript external file
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.7.0 / march 17 2009

  • new: php.ini memory limit setting
  • new: full php info
  • new: full php constants list
  • new: full mysql server variables
  • edit: css changes for ie browsers
  • edit: various improvements
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.6.0 / march 15 2009

  • new: server, php and mysql status on front page
  • new: links boxes on the front page
  • edit: settings panel split to tabs
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.5.0 / march 14 2009

  • new: settings to disable plugin and core updates
  • new: dashboard statistical widget
  • new: setting to disable RSS feeds
  • new: admin tool for reseting widgets sidebars
  • new: phpdoc comments for custom functions
  • edit: css files cleanup
  • edit: separated file with custom functions
  • fix: loading of css for all plugin pages
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.4.0 / march 12 2009

  • new: sticky column on edit post and pages panels
  • new: settings to control saving of revisions
  • edit: improved translations
  • fix: few small bugs

Version: 0.3.0 / march 11 2009

  • new: integrated columns styling
  • new: changing posts shown in the edit page grid
  • edit: various improvements
  • fix: not saving settings
  • fix: various small bugs

Version: 0.2.0 / march 9 2009

  • new: renaming of account username
  • new: ID column on edit post and pages panels
  • new: database tool for optimizing and fixing db tables
  • new: spanish translation
  • edit: improved readme file
  • edit: various small changes
  • fix: loading css classes only for plugin pages

Version: 0.1.0 / february 11 2009

  • new: mass removal of revisions tool
  • new: delete revisions from edit posts or pages
  • new: serbian translation
  • new: basic plugin panels

Version: 0.0.2 / february 10 2009

  • new: basic menu structure
  • new: wordpress init, menu actions

Version: 0.0.1 / february 10 2009

  • new: svn outline version