GD Press Tools

Addons as Features

The plugin includes 18 built-in addons that are adding most of the plugin features. Because of that, plugin loading is highly optimized, and you can use only the features you need, and disable the rest, making the plugin faster and use fewer resources.

  • Access Control
    this addon gives the website admin control over the access to the admin side area for selected user roles, and access to the website to visitors (users that are not logged in). Administration redirect will redirect users that are not allowed to the admin side to the URL specified in the settings. Website access authorization will redirect all non-logged visitors to the login page. But, you can set exceptions (as URL or post/page ID), and if visitors land on such page, the redirection will not work. This way you can have some pages open to visitors, and the rest would require a login.
  • WP REST API Control
    WP REST API Control addon adds some control over WP REST API. You can force SSL for REST calls, and you can disable the REST API, or disable some of the endpoints (users and settings).
  • Disable Feeds
    This addon can disable RSS feeds, and handle what to do if the feed is requested. The plugin can disable: Main feeds (global posts and comments), Extra feeds (posts for archives), and Post comments feed (comments for single posts). For each of these, the plugin will return a ‘404 not found’ error, or if you enable an extra option, redirect feeds to their parent pages.
  • Dashboard Widgets
    This addon adds extra widgets for the WordPress dashboard to show the list of post drafts, scheduled posts and recently published posts.
  • WordPress Toolbar
    This is a very simple addon that integrates GD Press Tools Pro into the WordPress toolbar. It includes a drop-down menu with links to important plugin panels, a backup with a list of backups, and an additional menu for the multisite mode (if available).
WP Heartbeat Settings
WP Heartbeat Settings
  • Heartbeat Control
    WordPress uses Heartbeat API to perform background operations through AJAX calls executed as a ‘heartbeat’ on a predefined time, depending on the page. By default, you can’t adjust how the heartbeat works. But, with this addon, you can control the frequency between heartbeat for 3 important areas: post-editing, admin, and front end side.
  • Post-Duplicator
    One of the essential features when it comes to managing content is to be able to duplicate a post or page. WordPress doesn’t have such a feature by default. But, with GD Press Tools Pro, you will get an option to duplicate any post or page (including custom post types). You have options to control prefix and suffix for the duplicated post title, options on how to deal with taxonomy terms, metadata and option for a deep copy (to copy hierarchy).
  • SMTP Control
    The plugin allows you to set sender email and name, set reply-to email and name. And, most important is to set SMTP server information. You can set a custom SMTP server (host, port, and all) or, select one of the directly supported SMTP servers and only provide login information.
CRON Jobs List
CRON Jobs List
  • CRON Control
    WordPress CRON system might not be the best solution for automated processes running in WordPress, but it is a very useful and essential part of WordPress. With the GD Press Tools Pro plugin you can manage the list of CRON jobs: detect CRON job source, run and remove jobs, ban jobs from registration, see all the arguments passed to the job.
  • OPCache Information and Cleanup
    OPCache is a powerful extension for PHP that will improve the speed of PHP page execution by caching scripts to improve speed and save memory. But, depending on the server setup, it can happen that OPCache can cause problems if the cache is not properly cleaned when scripts are updated. The plugin adds a very useful option to clean the OPCache (from the toolbar menu), and integrates the panel with OPCache data in the information panel.
Database Tables Panel
Database Tables Panel
  • Database Information
    This addon will display the status of all database tables. It includes options to repair or optimize each table or all tables. In multisite mode, you can filter tables by site ID.
  • Short URL
    The plugin includes an addon for creating simple short URLs using prefixes for posts and terms. You can also override the WordPress short-link function to use these new short URLs.

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