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Powerful administration plugin for WordPress

Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.

Latest Plugin Release
Version: 6.3
Date: 2024.03.22
Plugin First Released
15 years, 3 months ago
Basic Requirements
PHP: 5.6
WordPress: 4.9
WordPress Multisite
Enabled on the network level

WordPress Enhanced

GD Press Tools Pro is a collection of various features and tools for enhancing WordPress with backup, debugger, events logging, cleanup, and much more.

Addons Architecture

The plugin is based around the addons architecture, and most of the plugin features are available as built-in addons.

Notifications System

The plugin includes daily and weekly digest notifications system for sending information about logged events.

Events Log

The core of the plugin is a powerful event log that can log various information about the website as they happen.

Information Panels

To get the server and system information, plugin features various info panels for server, PHP, MySQL and more.

Multisite Integrated

The plugin is made for multisite in mind, and most controls are on the network level with various features available on sites too.

FTP Storage

The plugin implements a storage system in the core that can be used by the backup addon to offload the backup files.

Developed for Multisite

The whole plugin is developed with multisite in mind, and a lot of features are multisite based

In the multisite mode, the plugin’s main control is inside the Network admin. Some features and addons can be controlled through Network administration, and some can be set for individual blogs in the multisite.

One very much unique feature in GD Press Tools Pro is a feature called: Overload added as a second top-level menu in network admin. This mode allows you to control blog-specific features from one place for all blogs in the network.

What does this mean for the plugin setup? Take the Tweaks for instance. There are 60+ tweaks you can set, most of them are for blogs and not the whole network. So, you need to go through the Tweaks panel for each blog in the network and set (usually) all the same tweaks. Well, with Overload this is no longer the case. In the Overload Tweaks panel, you can set some tweaks, mark them for Overload and they are applied to all blogs in the Network! And, they will not be available for use on the blog Tweaks panel.

Powerful Debugger

The plugin includes a powerful debugger system that is integrated with events log and opens in the popup without messing with the page content.

Debugger Popup

The debugger is displayed in the popup, using the tabbed navigation to switch between different content.

Errors and Warnings

Debugger integrates into PHP error handling and it can capture all errors and warnings and display them with details.

SQL Queries

The plugin can get all SQL queries run on-page, format them and filter them according by different criteria.

Events log support

And, it can send all captured errors, warnings and HTTP API Calls into the GD Press Tools Pro events log.

Debug Print Function

To show complex objects in a readable way, the plugin has special print function that works using PHP reflection classes.

Fully Responsive

Debugger popup is fully responsive, and it works great on small screens with drop-down used instead of the tabs.

Website Backup

The plugin includes a Backup addon that can backup database or the whole website and offload the backups to external storages.

Backup Task

The plugin has two different backup engines, it supports files and database backups and use of tasks scheduler.

Backups Log

All backups are listed in the Backup log panel from where you can download the backup, review logs and more.

External Storages

Once the backup is created, the plugin can upload it to the external storage. FTP support is built into the plugin.

Tweaks for WordPress

The plugin contains addon called Tweaks, including 70+ tweaks for various things in WordPress.

Example inactive and active tweaks control

Tweaks in the plugin are part of the Tweaks addon, and some tweaks are made for the network level in the multisite mode. Plugin version 5.9 has 70+ tweaks available. All tweaks are split into categories, and on the tweaks panel, you can filter tweaks by activity and category.

This tweaks collection includes tweaks related to HTTP API Requests arguments, WordPress Update control, WordPress administration, Rewrite Rules, Page Header elements, Toolbar/Adminbar control, and much more.

More features as addons

The rest of the plugin features are implemented as built-in addons.

Google Analytics

Easy way to integrate Google Analytics with a wide range of options to control events tracking, dimensions and more.

Maintenance Mode

If you don’t want to allow access to it until you finish making changes. Supports templates, timer, and different restrictions.

Cleanup Tools

Set of tools for database maintenance include tools for cleanup of unused and orphaned data from all WordPress tables.

Database Information

This addon list all the database tables with additional tools to repair and optimize individual or all tables

Feeds Control

This addon can disable various RSS feeds with optional redirection to the parents (posts, home or comments).

CRON Control

List all registered CRON jobs, with source identification and run arguments, and controls to run, delete or ban jobs.

Access Control

Control access to the website admin side with customizable redirect URL’s. Prevent access to visitors too with exceptions.

OPCache Information

Show detailed information for the OPCache PHP extension with an optional tool to clear OPCache (if possible).

Post Duplicator

A simple tool to copy an existing post or page into a new post or page. Includes options to control metadata, terms and more.

Short URL

Very easy to use system to auto-generate short URL’s for posts and terms using URL prefix and post and term ID’s

SMTP Tools

Modify email sender and reply to information. Set custom SMTP server to use for sending emails, with a testing tool.

Toolbar Menu

The plugin can integrate into WordPress top toolbar and add own menu with quick links to various plugin panels.

Dashboard Widgets

The plugin adds several new widgets to the WordPress dashboard to show drafts, scheduled and published posts.

Heartbeat Control

Options to control the way WordPress runs heartbeat API. Limit admin and front end execution, change heartbeat time.

REST API Control

The plugin includes additional control over the WP REST API to force SSL use, disable REST API or some of the endpoints.

Quick Features Overview

Here is the quick overview of all plugin features

  • Addons based architecture
  • Includes 18 built-in addons
  • Support for external addons
  • Powerful Events Log
  • External storages manager
  • Detailed system information panels
  • Core multisite network support
  • Overload settings for individual sites
  • Email Test Tool
  • Addon: Access Control
  • Addon: Backup
  • Addon: Cleanup Tools
  • Addon: CRON Control
  • Addon: Database Information
  • Addon: Debugger
  • Addon: Google Analytics
  • Addon: Feeds Control
  • Addon: Maintenance Mode
  • Addon: OPCache Information
  • Addon: Post Duplicator
  • Addon: Short URL
  • Addon: SMTP Tools
  • Addon: Tweaks
  • Addon: Dashboard Widgets
  • Addon: Heartbeat Control
  • Addon: REST API Control
  • Addon: Toolbar Menu

All Dev4Press premium plugins share these features

Settings Import and Export

Tools to export all plugin settings into file with JSON serialization. You can import settings from that file. This way, you can keep your settings safe or transfer settings between websites.

Dev4Press Library

Dev4Press Shared Library contains code and libraries for implementing unified admin interface, reusable code to speed up plugin development, handle plugin settings and more.

Regular Updates

Regular updates to fix reported bugs, fix any security issues, and enhance and improve every aspect of plugins. And using our Updater plugin, you can update directly from WordPress.

Complete Localization

Using WordPress standard PO/MO translation system, making it easy to translate into any language. Dev4Press includes GlotPress instance to handle translations for all the plugins.

Excellent Support

One of our primary goals is to provide the best support possible. This includes an active support forum and ever-expanding knowledge base to you get all the information you need.

Secure and Clean Code

Made with best coding practices, tested for potential security problems. We are constantly working on maintaining full WordPress compatibility and the highest level of security.

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