Core Features:

Powerful Filters

GD Power Search Pro for bbPress implements a number of filters to help narrow down the results. The current plugin version supports these filters:

  • Content Types – select topics, replies or both
  • Forums – select public forums, subscribed forums, or custom forums from the list, with support for subforums
  • Users – select topic/reply author. This field has 3 versions: search for author, select one author from the list, select more than one author from the list.
  • Topic Tags – one or more tags (full or partial) to search for
  • Date Period – select predefined periods (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last month, last 6 months, last year), or using datepicker select custom date range.

And, if you use theĀ GD Topic Prefix Pro plugin, there is one more field available:

  • Topic Prefixes – select posts with any prefix, no prefixes or custom prefixes from the list.