Version: 1.3 / October 30 2018

  • new filter field: topics status
  • new filter field: topics sticky status (sticky and front)
  • new templates expanded with additional actions between each field
  • new few more filters to control the query process
  • new Russian (ru_RU) translation
  • edit updated all existing translations
  • edit few translation loading improvements and changes
  • edit d4pLib 2.4.3
  • fix minor problems with some translation strings
  • fix minor issue with the template block initialization

Version: 1.2 / October 2 2018

  • new support for highlighting the search keywords
  • new user roles control for each available field
  • new Dutch (nl_NL) translation
  • new highlight script: Mark.js 8.11.1
  • new translation loading for Flatpickr
  • fix broken parsing of the custom date period
  • fix broken loading of date period into Flatpickr control

Version: 1.1 / September 18 2018

  • new support for empty keyword override using minor or underscore
  • new filter field: posts that have been reported (GD bbPress Toolbox Pro)
  • new filter field: posts that have thanks (GD bbPress Toolbox Pro)
  • new filter field: posts that have attachments (GD bbPress Toolbox Pro)
  • new filter field: posts that have polls (GD Topic Polls Free/Pro)
  • new Italian translation
  • new Polish translation
  • new settings and other useful links in the Plugins panel
  • edit improved URL query arguments processing and building
  • edit all existing translations are updated
  • edit d4pLib 2.4.1
  • fix wrong SQL query JOIN in some cases for the tags filter
  • fix some strings not properly encoded for use in the URL
  • fix wrong URL to the plugin home page

Version: 1.0 / September 11 2018

  • new first official version