Forum Users Directory

GD Members Directory Pro is a simple and easy to use plugin for adding the filterable and searchable directory of all forum users.

List of Members

The core of the plugin is a new page added to the bbPress with the list of all forum members. The list can be set to include only users that participated in the forums and posted at least once (one reply or one topic). And, you can limit forum roles that are considered for the member’s list.

The list shows filters and order by controls on the top, with the standard grid-based list of users with standard pagination. The list shows various information about listed members/users including role, registration date, number of topics and replies and latest post (topic or reply) linked with a post date.

Easy to use

The plugin is very easy to use, it works without any changes out of the box.

To get more information on how to install and quickly set up the plugin, check out the page about installation and setup.

For more information about all plugin settings, and relations to bbPress settings, check out the dedicated settings article.

The plugin works with all themes that already support bbPress, and it also comes with Quantum theme for bbPress support.

Works with any theme

The default layout and styling is based on the default bbPress templates and styling, and it will work with any theme supporting bbPress in the first place. The styling has full RTL support and will load alternative RTL based CSS files when RTL is detected.

And, if you use our GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress plugin, the plugin comes with the templates and styling for the Quantum Theme. For Quantum theme, the plugin uses comparable form styling for the filters and order by elements. With Quantum, members directory page is fully responsive.

Members Widget

The plugin registers a widget for displaying the list of members in the sidebar. This widget has own theme template that shows various user information in the condensed form (by default, latest post by the user is not displayed).

To configure the widget, the plugin offers options to set the number of users to display, filter by user role, and control the order of users with the same sorting options as the main directory page does.

The widget styling is kept simple to make it compatible with wide range of WordPress themes.