GD Members Directory for bbPress

Installation and Setup

The plugin is very easy to install and use. Once you install the plugin and active it, make sure to visit the plugin’s admin side page where the installation process will check if everything is OK, and clear the URL rewrite rules in WordPress to make sure that plugin can add own rewrite rules for the new directory page.

Once you do that, you can visit the plugin settings page, and configure it. To see what settings plugin has, make sure to check this article. By default, the plugin uses Users pages slug from bbPress Forum settings to generate URL to the directory page. If your forum is set to use ‘users’ slug for Users pages like this:

Then, the member’s directory will have this URL:

If you want to use something else, the plugin has options for this in own settings. If you have issues with the URL’s, make sure to visit WordPress Settings -> Permalinks page to regenerate the rewrite rules.

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