All-in-one Email Solution

GD Mail Queue Pro plugin is an all-in-one solution for handling emails in WordPress that includes sending engines, SMTP services support, email queue, full email log, turning plain text emails into HTML and much more.

Powerful Queue System

One of the core elements of the plugin is the Queue system. The plugin intercepts emails WordPress or plugins send through wp_mail() function and using different criteria, it determines if the email should be sent uninterrupted, or if it should go to Queue to be sent later.

The queue is processed as a background process every 5 minutes (or some other period), and it will send emails from the queue up to the limit (default is 50 per queue job) specified in the settings.

SMTP Services & Engines

The plugin supports custom SMTP server, and several popular third party services using SMTP and/or REST API.

SMTP Services

SMTP services are used as a part of the default PHPMailer class. Currently, the plugin supports following SMTP services: Amazon AWS SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, SendPulse, SendInBlue and Mandrill. More services coming soon.

REST API Engines

REST API is very popular alternative to SMTP due to no limitations SMTP can have. Plugin currently supports SendGrid REST API, with AWS SES and Mailgun available as free addons, and more services coming soon.

Plain emails into HTML

When the plugin intercepts email from wp_mail(), if that email is only in the plain text format, it can take the email, and convert it to HTML email, using HTML templates with options to adjust various elements of the email, use special tags to add extra content and more. If the email sent already contains HTML, the plugin will skip the process.

The plugin includes predefined templates (fully email compatible HTML), or you can add your own template. The plugin defines a few extra areas you can create using HTML (header and footer), and it has Preheader settings.

Pro version includes options to define two logo images, and simply use special logo tags in the template, and they will be automatically replaced with logo images.

Email Log

When the plugin Mailer core intercepts emails, it can then log each email into the email log. There are few settings to control the process, and you can view the full log on the Log panel. Log has options to delete logged items, and tool to automatically remove old items from the log.

The log includes all the information captured by the Log, including the status of email sending, filtering by type, status and time, with additional search/filter by email addresses. Log also has full preview popup that can show email preview, both text and HTML versions with all the logged information, including the SMTP connection (if available).

Safe Staging Support

One of the biggest problems with using staging or development setup based on the live website is handling of emails where the staging website might send real emails to website users, even so, it should not do it, making it difficult to simply switch live website to staging without changing the website setup.

GD Mail Queue Pro plugin includes support for safe staging, allowing you to set the URL of the live domain, so that plugin can know if it is on the staging/development website and it can change the sending engine and/or limit sending of emails or replace real receiving emails with test emails.