Pro Edition

Version: 5.3 / february 5 2021

  • new system requirements: plugin requires PHP 7.0
  • new system requirements: plugin requires WordPress 5.0
  • new sendgrid rest api: wrap the email preparation in try/catch block
  • new queue processing settings: show current PHP timeout limit
  • edit SendGrid PHP API Library 7.9.2
  • fix sendgrid rest api: doesn’t capture errors during email preparation
  • fix sendgrid rest api: few minor issues with the email control
  • fix admin side panels grid rows count not saving properly

Version: 5.2.2 / september 16 2020

  • fix another issues with the function adding emails into queue

Version: 5.2.1 / september 16 2020

  • edit main queue function improved to better handle from email and name
  • fix from email and name get overwritten by queue processing in some cases

Version: 5.2 / september 5 2020

  • new added 7 more email types detection for WordPress core
  • new support for email types detection for Asgaros Forum plugin
  • new support for email types detection for Contact Form 7 plugin
  • new log entry popup shows Info tab with more important information
  • edit log now showing the email sending engine with status
  • edit few improvements to the sendgrid engine attachments handling
  • edit SendGrid PHP API Library 7.8.3

Version: 5.1 / july 28 2020

  • new support for WordPress 5.5 and new PHPMailer class
  • new use class alias to support new and old PHPMailer classes
  • edit various code quality improvements
  • edit removed some obsolete functions and code blocks
  • edit SendGrid PHP API Library 7.8.0
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.12
  • fix problem with function to normalize emails
  • fix small issue with SendGrid REST API engine stats
  • fix minor issue with some HTML logo tags
  • fix cleanup functions not taking into account blog ID
  • fix few PHP strict mode warnings

Version: 5.0.1 / june 20 2020

  • new support for email types detection for Rank Math plugin
  • fix dashboard errors clear not using the UTC datetime

Version: 5.0 / june 11 2020

  • new phpmailer smtp: all services listed on same settings page
  • new phpmailer smtp: PepiPost SMTP service
  • new notifications: daily and weekly overview
  • new notifications: daily and weekly errors
  • new notifications: markdown content with HTML conversion
  • new options to set sleep periods for batch and each email
  • new queue function now has support for ‘from’ field
  • new daily and weekly statistics keeping
  • new panel added for viewing averything in the queue
  • new dashboard widget to show latest email sending errors
  • new support for email types detection for WP Members plugin
  • new bulk retry option in the email log for failed emails
  • new auto requeue locked emails not sent due to the server error
  • new tool for sending email test now includes name value
  • new tool for queue email test now includes name value
  • new reorganization of the plugin settings panels
  • new using SCSS file as a base for the CSS file
  • new reorganized CSS and JS files
  • edit various improvements to queue test tool
  • edit improved queue box on the plugin dashboard with more information
  • edit improved htmlfy main method with additional arguments
  • edit updated database schema due to the problem with column lengths
  • edit improved bulk operation messages and counts displayed
  • edit various improvements to the JavaScript
  • edit retried emails have new retry status
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.10
  • fix SendGrid REST API: problem with setting the reply to address
  • fix SendGrid REST API: log entries are missing queue override values
  • fix failed REST API queue sending get’s logged as success
  • fix loading of SparkPost SMTP service not working
  • fix settings for PostMark SMTP missing

Version: 4.3.4 / april 21 2020

  • edit d4pLib 2.8.7
  • fix critical regression with the settings class

Version: 4.3.3 / april 7 2020

  • new tested with PHP 7.4
  • edit few minor updates to the interface
  • edit d4pLib 2.8.5
  • fix minor issue with with the PHP 7.4 deprecations

Version: 4.3.2 / november 2 2019

  • fix email type detection related to the GD Topic Polls plugin

Version: 4.3.1 / october 17 2019

  • fix default logo inline styling causing issues with small logos
  • fix logo block in the default template not properly centered

Version: 4.3 / september 28 2019

  • new validate email object for missing attachments before queue processing
  • new color coded log rows for the failed and queued emails
  • new email log: action to retry sending emails that failed previously
  • new email test: options to send attachments
  • new queue test: options to send attachments
  • new email and queue test: 3 demo ‘lorem ipsum’ based attachments
  • edit various updates and expansions to the universal core email class
  • edit queue test is now sending proper from and from name values
  • edit improved queue error detection that happens before the sending attempt
  • edit few small updates to the emails log processing
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.8
  • fix adding to log can set wrong status for emails sent through queue
  • fix in some cases reply_to value doesn’t get stored in the queue
  • fix few issues with logging the from email when using API engines
  • fix some minor problems with logging the direct emails
  • fix add to log database method doesn’t log message value
  • fix log entry preview for attachments broken for emails sent using API engines

Version: 4.2 / july 22 2019

  • new phpmailer smtp service: Postmark
  • new phpmailer smtp service: SparkPost
  • new safe staging to prevent sending when on staging/development server
  • new safe staging: revert to phpmailer and mail function
  • new safe staging: allow email addresses to send to
  • new safe staging: redirect disallowed email addresses
  • new dashboard: sending block includes safe staging information
  • new various additional new actions and filters for more control
  • new buddypress: force use of the wp_mail to send plain text emails only
  • new contextual help for the admin log panel with additional instructions
  • edit many improvements to the plugin settings display
  • edit remove some unused PHPMailer parameters from mirroring
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.5
  • fix using REST API engines can send email even if it is added to queue
  • fix some third-party services missing from the PHPMailer drop down
  • fix minor problem with host settings for AWS SES SMTP Service

Version: 4.1 / june 30 2019

  • new phpmailer smtp service: MailJet
  • new improved detection of the plain text email content
  • new option to control detection of the plain text email content
  • new option to fix the plugin content type when using HTML
  • new admin side actions when the page and panel are set
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.4
  • fix sendgrid engine: reply-to not set even when available
  • fix minor issue with the addon base class for addon version
  • fix saving failed message in log fails if message is too long

Version: 4.0 / june 24 2019

  • new plugin core: implemented addons architecture
  • new mail seding engine: SendGrid REST API
  • new mail seding engine: SendPulse REST API
  • new phpmailer: third party smtp services support
  • new phpmailer smtp service: AWS SES
  • new phpmailer smtp service: Mailgun
  • new phpmailer smtp service: Mandrill
  • new phpmailer smtp service: SendGrid
  • new phpmailer smtp service: SendInBlue
  • new phpmailer smtp service: SendPulse
  • new email log: search filter supports email modifiers
  • new email log: grid filter directly by email
  • new htmlfy: primary and secondary logo images
  • new htmlfy: several new logo related tags
  • new email test: additional fields for CC and BCC emails
  • new tools: preview generated HTML from template
  • new dashboard: direct controls to pause or resume various features
  • new dashboard: direct control to manually run queue at any time
  • new mail type detection: support for GD Topic Polls
  • new phpmailer updated to use core email class for email building
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.3

Free Edition

Version: 3.2 / june 26 2019

  • new mail type detection: support for GD Topic Polls
  • new phpmailer updated to use core email class for email building
  • edit various updates to readme and extra plugin information
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.3

Version: 3.1 / june 18 2019

  • new universal core email class for various operations
  • new set reply to email and name globaly in wp_mail
  • new htmlfy expanded with the website tagline tag
  • new htmlfy expanded with the website link tag
  • edit queue function: sets char set and content type if missing
  • edit queue test now sets char set to UTF-8
  • edit various minor tweaks and improvements
  • edit overall improved detection of the HTML emails
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.2
  • fix email log: HTML tag displayed for non-HTML emails
  • fix queue function: not setting the content type for the email
  • fix dashboard: incorrect status for the mailer intercept
  • fix from name global: invalid check for changing From Name

Version: 3.0.1 / june 15 2019

  • edit fully updated about page for the version 3.0
  • edit various updates to the settings labels and information
  • fix missing core engines registration action point
  • fix missing PHPMailer services registration action point

Version: 3.0 / june 14 2019

  • new option to pause email sending throug wp_mail
  • new plugin dashboard completly reorganized
  • new plugin dashboard: wp mail status box
  • new plugin dashboard: mail log status box
  • new database tables for emails, log and email/log relationship
  • new log emails send by wp_mail, queue or both
  • new emails log panel with overview of all logged emails
  • new emails log panel with option to delete from log
  • new emails log panel with popup dialog for email preview
  • new daily maintenance with support for log cleanup
  • new fake PHPMailer class now implements magic methods
  • new mirror PHPMailer class captures more information
  • new detect email type: support for WP error recovery mode email
  • new email preheader tag: choose the value to generate
  • new filter that can be used to pause wp_mail sending
  • new filter that can be used to control queue descision
  • new additional filters and actions for various things
  • edit additional information on the plugin dashboard
  • edit improved plugin settings organization
  • edit reset tool support for clearing the email log tables
  • edit d4pLib 2.7.1
  • fix email preheader tag set to wrong value

Version: 2.1.2 / may 30 2019

  • fix wrong links for the update and install notifications in network mode
  • fix wrong admin menu action used when in the network mode

Version: 2.1.1 / may 26 2019

  • fix wrong database table name for the queue cleanup process

Version: 2.1 / may 22 2019

  • new option to use flexible limit when sending queued emails
  • new action run after each email has been sent through queue
  • new filter that can be used to pause the queue processing
  • new option on advanced settings panel to pause the queue processing
  • new export tool: select what to export: settings and/or statistics
  • edit export tool: improved import of settings from file as proper array
  • edit dashboard: improved display of the queue related information
  • edit improved the descriptions for various plugin settings
  • edit d4pLib 2.6.4
  • fix export tool: statistics data problem caused by the JSON import
  • fix export tool: wrong file name for the plugin settings export JSON file

Version: 2.0.1 / may 8 2019

  • edit check if the template file exists before attempting to load
  • fix display of the last queue timestamp conversion error
  • fix default option for the HTML template was wrong

Version: 2.0 / may 6 2019

  • new support for queue email send engines
  • new email send engine: phpmailer
  • new phpmailer support for using SMTP for sending
  • new set from email and name globaly in wp_mail
  • new additional information on the dashboard for queue
  • new tools to test email sending and adding to queue
  • new detect email type for emails sent by BuddyPress
  • new includes defuse encryption library
  • edit few changes in some of the filters and actions
  • edit better organization of the plugin settings panels
  • edit improvements to the function for adding to queue
  • edit various loading and initialization improvements
  • fix few issues when preparing email to send in queue
  • fix few problems with function for adding to queue
  • fix plugin settings export not working

Version: 1.0 / May 2 2019

  • new first official version