GD Mail Queue

Lite vs. Pro

GD Mail Queue Lite plugin is a fully functional plugin, and it is enough for most users. Even if you need to use SMTP for PHPMailer, it is easy to setup with some technical experience related to SMTP server configurations. But, the Pro version adds many new features and it improves on existing features as well.

Here are the features that are available in Pro version only.

REST API Engines

  • REST API Engine: SendGrid
  • REST API Engine: Mailgun (through free addon)
  • REST API Engine: Amazon Web Services SES (through free addon)
  • REST API Engine: GMail (through free addon)
  • REST API Engine: Mailjet (through free addon)

PHPMailer SMTP Services

  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: Amazon Web Services SES
  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: Mailgun
  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: Mandrill
  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: SendGrid
  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: SendInBlue
  • PHPMailer SMTP Service: SendPulse

Other Features

  • HTMLfy support for uploading logos
  • Improved dashboard with various control buttons
  • Improved log with the email role-based filtering
  • A tool to preview HTML template

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