Ultimate Knowledge Base
plugin for WordPress

GD Knowledge Base implements different content types, with products support, live search, feedback, search logging and analytics, and on top of all that, it works with any theme.

Products and Content Types

The plugin can register several content types useful for to make basic classification of your content. Articles are mandatory, and the rest of the types can be disabled if you don’t need them (user guides, references, FAQ). The FAQ is very useful and often used, and the plugin has very different ways of showing FAQ to make it easier and faster to view.

And, you can also have Products in the knowledge base, and assign content to your products, adding another level of the content classification.

Live Search

One of the most important things you need with the knowledge base is for your users to quickly find the content they need. And, that’s why plugin has a live search that supports filtering of content by type, search through bbPress forums (if you use bbPress on your website), and it will show top results quickly, and give the option to show all results if the top results were not enough.

And, all search queries are logged, with results overview, so you can easily check out what your users search for, and if they don’t find it, you can know what type of content you have missed creating, and you can update the knowledge base accordingly.

Get user’s Feedback

It is very helpful to know what your users think about the knowledge base content, and plugin offers simple rating method that includes the feedback form allowing users to tell you in more details what is the problem with the content. The form is protected with two security methods to minimize the spam.

User can also consent to be contacted about the feedback, and that way you can get more information from the user about the content, and help you improve the content. On the admin side, Feedbacks panel contains all saved feedbacks, and it has popup form for sending the email, to users that consented, directly.

Shortcodes and Widgets

The plugin has a lot of widgets and shortcodes that allow you to interconnect your content across the website with the knowledge base, or connect knowledge base content.

12 Widgets

A lot of thinks can be displayed using widgets, including live search with filters, auto-generated table of content for currently displayed content, list of terms, list of articles, guides, FAQ’s or products. Each widget has own template that can be changed through theme override.

24 Shortcodes

Even more, to add extra content inside any of the post, you have a choice of a huge number of shortcodes. Some are for linking knowledge base content, products or terms. And, you have shortcodes for things like notes that stand out, accordions, tabs or toggle elements.

Theme Compatibility

One of the most important things that plugin has is the special theme compatibility layer that will allow you to use any theme and the knowledge base will work without the need for extra templates or special styling.

And, you can replace all the templates plugin has through the theme, add your own styling to make the knowledge base look differently if you want to.

Plugins standard styling is tested with a lot of themes, and in most cases, the knowledge base will look the same across any number of themes, with some rare cases where you need to fix some CSS due to theme aggressive styling.

Education Pro: Article

Logs and Analytics

The plugin logs various information about views and users that access it, feedback and search information. You can see analytics graphs based on the information collected, with period and content types filters.

Feedbacks and search logs offer a lot of details that can be useful with content creation, improving existing content and seeing what your users search for and don’t manage to find.

bbPress forums integration

The plugin integrates your knowledge base with bbPress forums (if you use it), and integrate knowledge base with the support forums. And, that means, that you can include live search inside the new topic form, offering users to first find the answer in the knowledge base, and if they don’t, they can proceed to post a new topic.

Since you can connect Knowledge Base products to support forums, you will be able to see forum links in various knowledge base areas, and there is a dedicated widget that can detect product from the knowledge base to link the things from the forum back to the product and give users easier access to your content.