GD Knowledge Base Changelog

Here you can find the latest changelog for GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin. For older releases, historical changelogs are linked at the end of the page.

Version: 6.4 / february 29 2024
  • edit improved layout and styling for the feedback rating block
  • edit various improvements to the Writerside implementation
  • del final removal of support for abandoned Shortcake UI plugin
Version: 6.3 / february 29 2024
  • new expanded single content templates with actions between elements
  • edit various improvements to the Writerside implementation
  • edit various small styling tweaks and improvements
  • edit updated packages and rebuilt all the blocks
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.7
  • fix wrong title displayed when no terms are found for taxonomies
  • fix minor issue with the get_products_list in Elements class
  • fix using outdated D4P_EOL constant in few places
  • fix PHP 8.3 few small problems and minor warnings
Version: 6.2 / december 16 2023
  • new alpha feature: import from the Markdown Jetbrains Writerside sources
  • new clear navigation block cache when any knowledge base post changes status
  • edit various improvements and updates to the admin panels
  • edit updated packages and rebuilt all the blocks
  • edit Chart.js 4.4.1
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.5.1
  • fix navigation block hierarchy fails to render due to invalid cache
  • fix single product 'start here' section not showing up
  • fix method to return product quick links is returning more than needed
  • fix block generator using reflection is missing $ signs for arguments
Version: 6.1 / july 31 2023
  • new navigation block has option for All content level
  • new navigation block has option to hide the posts from tree
  • new layout options to show or hide the terms filter boxes
  • new several new methods for the main KB Query object
  • new several new methods for the Elements object
  • new products blocks with new settings and improved layouts
  • edit changes to the organization of blocks source code
  • edit tweaks and changes to various blocks rendering
  • edit many tweaks to the Elements object rendering
  • edit many products archives templates improvements
  • edit improvements to various templates code structure
  • edit improved caching for some reused elements and object
  • edit improved default styling for various elements
  • fix missing option to enable or disable Setup Wizard
  • fix problem with loading of WooCommerce and bbPress components
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