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One of the unique features in GD Knowledge Base Pro is the ability to define products and assign content to it. That will make possible to have documentation for multiple products in the same place, taking advantage of the centralised documentation system.

Example of products in the archive
Example of products in the archive

For each product, you can define a description, add an image, add a home page URL and assign a bbPress support forum to the product. When displaying a product, you can list articles, guides, references, or FAQ for that product only, and even apply taxonomy terms to filter the content.

Content Types

The plugin adds four post types for knowledge base content: articles, user guides, references (hierarchical), and faqs. The plugin also adds 4 new custom taxonomies: knowledge category (hierarchical), knowledge tag, reference topic, and product group. These taxonomies are connected with the post types to help with the data classification. All content types can be connected to Products.

This way you can have knowledge base content classified using taxonomy terms and products. With all that, you can have the knowledge base for multiple products in the same installation, articles, and FAQ of the general nature too.

The image on the right shows the detail of the editor for articles, showing basic settings that include:

  1. Access Control: public, private, restricted
  2. User Roles Visibility: roles that can see the content
  3. The post contains video
  4. Disable voting for the post
  5. Attached Files

Different content types are implemented to give you flexibility in the content organisation:

  • User Guides – the longer form that will lead the reader step by step through the long list of instructions.
  • Articles – the shorter content form used for tutorials, posts for a specific topic,s and other things.
  • References – hierarchical content suitable for writing developer-related information.

One of the most important things plugin includes is the integrated filtering of post types with taxonomy terms. This is something WordPress doesn’t implement, but we did it here to allow showing only articles for selected terms, or the only FAQ for selected term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ for short), is a very popular way for providing quick help. Questions can be anything, and it is recommended to keep answers short. For longer content, use articles or user guides.

FAQ is displayed as a list with toggles to instantly open and show the answer, providing instant help to users. As with all other content types, FAQ can be rated and users can leave feedback comments.

Example FAQ List
Example FAQ List

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