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Live search and search tracking

One of the most important things you need with the knowledge base is for your users to quickly find the content they need. And, that’s why plugin has a live search that supports filtering of content by type, search through bbPress forums (if you use bbPress on your website), and it will show top results quickly, and give the option to show all results if the top results were not enough.

And, all search queries are logged, with a results overview, so you can easily check out what your users search for, and if they don’t find it, you can know what type of content you have missed creating, and you can update the knowledge base accordingly.

Example of the live search in action

Adding content to the knowledge base will go quicker if you know what your users need. So, the search form implemented by the GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin will track every time user searches the knowledge base. The search string, the number of results, the source of the search form, location, and other things will be logged.

Most important thing logged is the list of actual clicks on the results returned by each search results set. This way, you will know if the search for a specific string is successful or not, and if it is not, you can work on adding new content that will target the search query that has failed.

Search Log example
Search tracking log

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