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Integration with bbPress forums

The plugin integrates your knowledge base with bbPress forums (if you use it), and integrates the knowledge base with the support forums. And, that means, that you can include a live search inside the new topic form, offering users to first find the answer in the knowledge base, and if they don’t, they can proceed to post a new topic.

Since you can connect Knowledge Base products to support forums, you will be able to see forum links in various knowledge base areas, and there is a dedicated widget that can detect product from the knowledge base to link the things from the forum back to the product and give users easier access to your content.


The plugin allows you to assign forum to every product you have in the Knowledge Base. This way, you connect knowledge base with support forums. And, to help with that, the plugin has a widget that can detect and show the related product.

You can use this widget in the knowledge base and forums, and it will use the forum assigned to the product to match what are related products. This way, users can easily navigate from knowledge base to forums and vice versa based on the product connection to the forum.

Related product widget
Related product widget

This is used on Dev4Press support websites, and on the image on the right, you can see customized version of this template.

Another way to integrate knowledge base with bbPress is by adding Live Search into the new topic form in the forums. It will look like this:

Integration into bbPress new topic form
Integration into bbPress new topic form

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