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Custom Permalinks with the connection to the product

GD Knowledge Base Pro includes support for customization of the slugs that are used to make permalinks for the knowledge base content. But, that is not the only thing related to permalinks included with the plugin. The plugin adds custom structures to the product post type pages and archives for all the content types. For instance, a single product URL by default looks like this:

And, to get articles belonging to this product, URL is:

But, that is not the only thing added, this URL can be extended even further with the term to filter articles with:

As you can see, these new types of URL’s go beyond what WordPress has implemented by default, allowing you to get content for specific articles only. Depending on the context, the plugin will generate links in this format.

And, for the articles, user guides, reference or FAQ archives, you have basic URL like this:

To filter it by the taxonomy term, URL becomes this:

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